Monday, October 3, 2011

MAC Girls Night Out for the Birmingham AIDS Outreach!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of donating to the Birmingham AIDS Outreach (a fantastic organization!) and in return I got a lovely makeover by MAC artist Natalie.  She truly went above and beyond to ensure that by experience was amazing!  Pictured above is the color chart she used, and look!  She even colored in the eyes to match my own!  She was also extremely patient and thorough in answering my endless questions, and I learned a TON of new makeup application tricks.

Natalie first asked how I usually do my makeup.  I answered, "Red lipstick, black liquid liner, very retro, very Dita Von Teese...but I don't want that!  I want to try something different!"  I ended up with candy colored eyelids and nude lips; it was a fun change!  At first it definitely felt weird for me not to have color on my lips, but I think I may have to add a nude lipstick to the family.  Natalie explained every step of the process, went into detail about the brushes she used, and taught me how to duplicate the gradient effect of the eyeshadows.  She also took the time to write down everything she used, which I definitely appreciated!

I still couldn't resist playing with lipsticks and investigating all the new products, like the Style Driven collection of super long-wearing makeup.  I swatched a few of the lip liners and they Did. Not. Budge.  Even when I used cleanser to remove them, the color barely came off!  It was amazing.

The best part, though, was the eyelashes!  I chose the most glamorous pair and Natalie trimmed and applied them for me.  Typically when you wear false eyelashes, you know you're wearing them; your eyelids feel weirdly heavy.  But with these fancy MAC eyelashes?  I couldn't even tell they were there!  They felt so light and natural!  Totally worth the extra $$$.

I couldn't have had a better time!  Supporting a great organization and getting a makeover: heaven!


  1. wow, love those eyelids and lashes! like a dolls!

  2. Thank you! The shadows are Tease With Ease & Plush from the new Style Driven collection! The packaging is HUGE, much bigger than regular MAC shadows. I think they're a little more $$$, but worth it for the amount of product you get.

  3. which number were the MAC eyelashes?

    1. I wish I knew! The number isn't anywhere on the packaging and we forgot to write that one down, it was kind of a last minute thing I picked out.