Friday, October 21, 2011

Battle of the Dry Shampoos: Tresemme Fresh Start VS. TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret

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I've been using Tresemme's dry shampoo, Fresh Start, ever since it debuted last year.  It's a fantastic bargain, makes my hair look clean, and adds lots of volume even after five days without washing my hair (shhh!).  But I recently spent a few extra dollars on a can of TIGI's Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo.  How do the upscale and bargain versions compare?  Here's my breakdown...

Price & Availability:
Rockaholic Dirty Secret is $22 at Walgreens, or $12 on Amazon (no idea why there's such a huge variation!), for 6.3 oz.  You can find it at some drugstores, online, and hair salons.  Tresemme Fresh Start is only $4 for 5.7 oz. and is available at drugstores, online, and in big chain stores like Walmart.
Winner: Tresemme Fresh Start; it costs a pittance and is way more widely available than Dirty Secret!

Both products are scented to make your hair seem even cleaner.  Fresh Start to me smells like citrus and powder, and while I've never cared for the scent at all, I have had compliments on how good my hair smelled after I sprayed it!  Dirty Secret also smells like citrus fruits, but instead of powder the undertone here is something more industrial that I much prefer!  It's somehow cleaner and more fresh to me, but this is kind of a personal preference. 
Winner: Dirty Secret, hands down.  I just love my hair smelling like lemons & industrial-ness, I suppose.  Not your thing?  The scent fades more quickly than Fresh Start.

Dry shampoos are notorious for leaving behind white powdery residue and while these two are no exception, Dirty Secret's powdery residue brushes out much easier than Fresh Start's.  Fresh Start's formula can cause buildup and make your hair feel very gunky, too...don't use it if you're planning on someone touching your hair!  Dirty Secret in comparison has no icky buildup or gunk; your hair will feel a little drier wherever you spray it, but that's it.
Winner: Dirty Secret!  No gunk or buildup is a fabulous thing!

Dry shampoos can also give your hair the most glorious volume!  Both of these do, but Dirty Secret's volumizing effect doesn't last long at all; hair falls flat in five minutes.  Fresh Start gives hair volume that actually lasts, due in part to the "gunkiness" I mentioned above.  But still, volume!
Winner: Fresh Start!  Volume that lasts is the clear winner in this category.

Does It Make Your Hair Look Clean?
This is, of course, the main reason you want to use dry shampoo--so your hair looks clean! Duh, right?  Luckily, both of these dry shampoos do exactly what they're supposed to do.  Fresh Start has a little more powder so you've got to brush it out more carefully to make sure the white residue is no longer visible.  Dirty Secret requires a little more product for your hair to look freshly washed.
Winner: It's a tie!  Both products work fantastically well to make your hair look clean!

So...which is the overall winner?
Fresh Start: 3/5
Dirty Secret: 3/5

We have a tie! 
If formula and scent are important to you, spend a little extra and get Dirty Secret.  If you don't mind a little (or a lot of) product buildup, Fresh Start works just as well.  Both make your hair seem equally clean!  You can't go wrong with either.

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