Friday, October 28, 2011

Easy Edie Sedgwick Halloween Costume

It's probably no surprise that my Halloween costumes always involve dramatic makeup; my pick this year is no exception.  I'm dressing up as Edie Sedgwick, she of 1965 Warhol Superstar fame.  The best part is that I've already got everything I'll need in my closet; chances are, so do you!  Check out these essentials for insta-Edie.
edie sedgwick

1) Leopard print coat: Faux, naturally. Although Edie's was probably real.
2) Black tights: As a dancer, Edie never bothered to change out of her leotards and tights and they became part of her trademark look.
3) The longest, most dangly earrings you can find: Another Edie signature; if they don't at least touch your shoulders, you're doing it wrong
4) Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde: To listen while you get ready.  Some of the songs ("Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat", "Just Like a Woman") are rumored to be inspired by her
5) Multiple pairs of false eyelashes: Edie was also famous for her bold makeup and often wore several pairs of eyelashes at once
6) Nude(ish) lipstick: She wouldn't have been caught dead in bold lipstick; eyes were the focus of Edie's makeup and bright lipstick was out of vogue by the mid sixties
7) Eyeshadow palette: Light and dark browns, even black, are a must for completing Edie's famous look

Pretty simple, right?  All I've got to buy is a short blonde wig!  For true authenticity, though, you've got to perfect her unique eye makeup. 

Start with an eyeshadow primer and a matte vanilla or cream colored eyeshadow applied from your lashline to your browbone.  Use a wet eyeliner brush to create a defined black or dark brown line over your natural crease.  Extend it from your inner corner and make it as dramatic and defined as possible.  Line your upper lashline with black liquid liner, then apply the biggest, most dramatic pair of false eyelashes you can find.  

It's okay if the eye makeup isn't totally perfect.  Edie herself had way better things to do than drawing and re-drawing eyeliner all day.  In later years when she'd spent through her inheritance, Edie even used watercolor paints to apply her eye makeup.  You really can't mess this up!  Have fun getting ready and have an even better time at all those fabulous Halloween parties and haunted houses you'll be attending!

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?  What was your favorite costume as a kid?  


  1. Awesome!! You're gonna pull it off so well!

    I dunno if I'm dressing up, but I'm making a superhero costume for the little man and my husband is going as Dale Gribble from King of the Hill... lol. So I suppose I'll have to dress up as SOMETHING but I don't have any ideas this year!

  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to post pictures, you should too! Major LOL at Dale Gribble, that's so clever! ha I love that show. I know your little man is going to be adorable!

    Uhm...wear a floaty dress or skirt, tie a scarf around your head, wear big hoop earrings, spray paint a huge snowglobe and voila! Instant fortune teller! Or scrap the snowglobe and be a gypsy.

    Or if you have an Asian inspired dress, use some white face paint, eyeliner, and red lipstick and be a geisha!

    OR get a huge blonde wig and be Nancy Gribble (or pad your bra really really well and be Dolly Parton!). That would be hilarious and awesome. Please please please get your friends to be Hank and Peggy!

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever!! (is it considered a holiday?).. I dressed as Edie 2 years ago for one of the halloween parties I attended to.. I get to wear a lot of costumes, we throw many many costume parties all year round, especially during october so I'm a huge fan of going over the top when ever I can.. or have the time, 'cause I make all of my costumes.. you go for the Edie look, just don't forget to upload photos, I'd love to see them!
    ..and thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it! really nice words from you on my new teaching experience.. I'll keep in touch, take care Edie!