Monday, October 17, 2011

Lesson Learned


A beauty blogger should know better, right?  Well...

I tried out three new skincare products.  At once.  All from different brands.  I was alternating them throughout the week, trying this during the day and testing that at night and so forth.  When my skin went NUTS (shock, horror) I had no idea which product was the culprit.  I finally figured it out, but the trial and error process was Not. Fun. At. All.

Let this be an example!  Don't try to incorporate more than one new thing into your skincare routine at a time!  That way, if you have an averse reaction, you know exactly the product that caused it.  And if the products you're using really work for you, try to resist the temptation to switch. This goes for foundation, powder, and tinted moisturizers, too.

I've gone back to my trusted standbys for a while: EverBlossom's Oh Hush serum and Infotone face mist.  My skin is now much improved.  Lesson learned! 

Have you ever had a ghastly beauty mishap like this?

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