Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ask Away: How Do I Get Rid of Blackheads?

And now, I bring you the very first installment of Ask Away!  Where you, dear readers, send in questions and I offer solutions.  Got a skincare or makeup concern?  Hit me up! appliedglamour (at) hotmail (dot) com
ask away
"Know of something that would be good for taking care of blackheads on the nose and upper cheeks?"

Yes!  You've got several options.

For a quick fix, you can go to a professional aesthetician for a facial and they will perform blackhead extractions. I've never had it done, but from what I hear it can be a bit may want to take an Advil or some such pain reliever about an hour before you go!  A tool called a comodone extractor is used to remove all the blackheads out of your pores.  Although you can buy the extractor at drugstores and go the DIY route, it's really better of you leave this up to the professionals.  Book a facial at a reputable spa and they will do extractions if you ask.  The results are instant!

Another option is to try skincare products that specifically target blackheads. When I had blackheads in high school (confession time!), I used a blackhead eliminating exfoliating cleanser by Clean & Clear.  It worked really well but it will take about a month to really see results.

Once you've gotten rid of the blackheads, you'll want to keep them from returning.  Since blackheads are caused by excess oil that's trapped in your pores, skincare products that target oily skin will work wonders to prevent them.  One particularly great option is to use a deep pore cleansing mask once or twice a week.  This one from Origins ($22) contains activated charcoal to cleanse your pores, Boscia's Luminizing Black mask ($34) dries and peels off, taking impurities with it, and this clay mask from Boots ($9) balances skin and cleanses pores at a bargain price!

I hope this helps!  You'll have clearer skin in no time!


  1. looking forwards to seeing more in this series. I would also recommend clay masks mixed with apple cider vinegar

  2. Ooh, clever...I've heard of people washing their hair with apple cider vinegar and drinking mixtures of it, but never mixing it with a mask! what does it do when applied topically to skin?

  3. i've extracted them myself. yikes! and i've used the eraser you mentioned.
    and thanks for your tweet last night!

  4. eek, really? you are a brave soul! and you are so welcome!