Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty Dare: I Got My Eyebrows Threaded

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Ever since my amazing friend Chandra wrote a guest post about eyebrow threading, I've been dying to try it.  I enlisted her help and together we headed to the Brookwood Day Spa in Birmingham and paid a visit to Moon, the eyebrow threader on staff.  I was a little intimidated and sooo glad Chandra came with me!

I didn't really know what shape to ask for or how to tell Moon exactly what I wanted, but luckily there was a handy chart on the wall where I could simply point to the eyebrow shape I liked best.  I settled back into the chair and made small talk with Moon while she began the threading.

I'm not going to lie; it was painful.  I've never had my eyebrows waxed so I don't know how it compares, but it was about as painful as plucking them.  I hear it gets less painful on return visits, so the worst is over!  Moon told me she was impressed by how well I handled it; she says most first-time customers flinch and jump and even cry!  I was a champ and didn't flinch at all.  It was over quickly, too.  The whole process took about five minutes and only cost $8!

So now...the results! Drumroll please....

Shazam!  Instant pretty eyebrows!  They weren't awful before I had them threaded but they were definitely doing their own eyebrow thing.  It's amazing how much more polished my makeup looks now that they're shaped and more arched.  It really makes a difference!

Will I be returning?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  I'm so pleased with Moon's quick work.  Are you in the Birmingham area and want to try threading?  Visit the Brookwood Day Spa in the Brookwood mall, you won't be disappointed!  They offer a wide variety of services at extremely affordable prices.

If you're curious, here's a video with more information about threading, plus you can watch exactly how it happens.

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded?  Is this something you'd try?


  1. I had by eyebrows threaded for the first times when I was deployed to the middle east and I loved it. I am glad it is gaining popularity in the states. It does become less painful. Glad you found it a positive experience!

  2. I love it much better than waxing.