Friday, July 1, 2011

Inspiration: Carmen Miranda

I'm currently obsessed with all things fruity and tropical.  Carmen Miranda, with her swishy skirts and elaborate fruit headdress, is my perfect muse!  I want to eat watermelon, listen to Harry Belafonte, and drink delicious fruity cocktails all day.  I'll take an occasional break for Mexican food and dancing!  Luckily this obsession coincides with a mini-vacation to my best friend Jessica's house, and we've already been plotting some fantastical adventures!  Isn't it lovely to have a partner in crime?  Naturally my fruity tropical addiction has made its way into my beauty routine as well.  Here are a few things I'm dying to pack in my suitcase!

Another integral part of a tropical routine involves taking lots of bubble baths with this deliciously scented Papaya Passion Punch 3-in-1 shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath from Philosophy.  Do up your eyes with this set of three eyeshadows from Bare Minerals in gorgeous Fruit Smoothie inspired shades, then at the end of the night Yes To Cucumbers makes it super easy to take off all your makeup with these refreshing and soothing cleansing cloths.  Nothing could be more perfect for a manicure than this polish from Essie, appropriately titled Peach Daiquiri.  This hydrating and balancing facial toner from Alba Botanica contains hibiscus, guava, honeysuckle, and cucumber for an amazing effect that's purely island in a bottle!  Benefit's brand new Cha Cha Tint is perfect for tropical lips and cheeks, while a Summer Fruit eos lip balm keeps lips smooth.  This Ginger cocktail inspired body splash from Marc Jacobs smells like paradise in a highball glass!  Your skin will thank you when you use this Super skincare line from Dr. Nicholas Perricone; each product is packed with superfood extracts like açaí and coconut water for super healthy skin.

If you're still lacking the tropical philosophy, have a look at this clip of Carmen Miranda at her finest!  You'll be dancing your way to the tropics for sure. 

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