Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Inspiration: Pin-Up Girls!

In celebration of America's Independence Day, Applied Glamour brings you a very special inspiration post in honor of everything Americans hold dear: patriotism, freedom, and girls!  What could be more all-American than a wholesome and slightly risque pinup girl-next-door?  She's been all over the world decorating the walls and lockers of servicemen overseas.  Her picture has been painted on airplanes and carried around in pockets.  She's the very epitome of classic glamour!  She'll outshine any firework and with a few clever makeup secrets, so will you!  Here's what you'll need...

pinup pretty

Luminous skin:
Smooth glowing skin is as essential to a pinup as red lipstick!  Start with a glamorous light diffusing primer from Guerlain to make your skin appear lit from within.  Keep your foundation in place and shine under control with this beautiful Sexy Mama translucent powder from The Balm.  The packaging is irresistible!  Of course, luminous skin shouldn't be limited to just your face!  For extra glamour you need a powder puff and scented powder with a little shimmer like this one from Juicy Couture that contains crushed pearls and diamonds!  You'll have flawless skin from your ankles to your shoulders.  Apply a little bit of fragranced lotion first to give the powder extra staying power.

Knockout nails:
It's important that your fingernails are manicured as well.  Try to match your nail polish to your lipstick!  My favorite is Orly's Monroe's Red, but Essie also has a great many reds to choose from.  If you want to be extra authentic, try a half moon manicure and leave the bottom oval of your nails bare, seen above.  Modern day pinup incarnation Dita Von Teese suggests placing those little curved stickers used for traditional French manicures just over your natural "moons" instead, and painting the length of your nails.  It's an such a wonderful extra touch!

Rosy cheeks and alluring eyes:
To really play up the "I'm a nice girl, I don't mean to be showing off my stockings!" pinup image, you need some blushing innocent cheeks!  Anything with a pink or tawny shimmer will do, but Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick is a modern classic and perfect for any aspiring pinup ingenue-turned-femme-fatale.  Your eye makeup should accentuate your wide-eyed innocence; red lipstick is what makes a pinup really smolder!  Keep eye makeup relatively simple with neutral shades to enhance, not detract.  Too Faced's Natural Eye Kit is literally foolproof!  You can't go wrong with it.  False eyelashes are also a must!  They can be tricky to apply but are oh so worth it!  One brand, Eylure, comes with the adhesive already attached to make application much easier. 

Luscious lips:
Red lipstick is what completes the entire pinup look, of course!  Make sure you choose a lipstick with gorgeous packaging for an extra glamour.  If you really want to go authentic, transfer your brand new lipstick into a vintage lipstick tube!  You can find one at just about any antique store and on eBay.  For a super easy transfer, check out this amazing tutorial!  Hint: make sure you freeze the new lipstick first.  Voila!

Enjoy your holiday, however you choose to celebrate!

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