Monday, July 18, 2011

This Lipstick is My New Favorite Thing: NARS Jungle Red

Move over, MAC Russian Red.  Sorry, Chanel Passion.  Step away, Revlon Certainly Red.  I've got a brand new lipstick that puts you all to shame!  (Well, almost, anyway.)  Is it weird to wax rhapsodic over a lipstick?  If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.  After a month of experimenting with drugstore lipsticks, lots of smeary, bleeding formulas, and shades that allowed me to fit right in at a nineties Goth club or MTV video circa 1983, I decided it was time to step up my game.  Red lipstick is my thing, you guys; such inferiority is unacceptable.  A brand new Sephora store just opened in my area, and with it came a 6 x 3 ft. space dedicated to what is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite brands: NARS.

Oh NARS, with your sleek matte black packaging, naughtily-named blushes, and display of endless lipsticks to test!  I am powerless to resist.  After swatching every single red available on my hand, one shade stood out among the rest: Jungle Red.  It's the perfect bright, true red with a perfect semi-matte formula.  Non-drying and not a hint of glossiness, just the way I like it.  Jungle Red is smooth, flat color like you've been eating cherry flavored popsicles all day long.  It's neither Goth nor 80s.  It has a very polished, slightly retro feel, and Jungle Red fits with my red hair and pale skin like no other red lipstick I've tried lately.  And I have tried a LOT.

Drugstore lipsticks are mostly so/so.  A few are pretty good, some are even exceptional, but none of them can touch NARS when it comes to formula and color.  The unfortunate thing about NARS, though, is that the lipsticks are tiny.  It sucks, but I'm willing to overlook that because everything else about their lipstick is just too good.  They come in satin and sheer formulas as well as semi-matte and in an incredible variety of shades to suit anybody's taste and preferences.  I will definitely be purchasing more!

What are your favorite NARS products?  Do you love the lipstick as much as I do?


  1. oh, I love NARS, my first foray into lipstick was with NARS fat lip crayons, Dragon Girl. I struggled with drugstore reds b/c my skin is olive and a lipstick without the correct undertones makes me look just terrible and cheap. I have heard great things about Revlon's "cherries in the snow" and "fire and ice" collection, which have been made since the 50s. however, I also feel that drugstore makeup tends to contain more filler, less pigment than upscale brands. to increase the longevity of your tiny nars lipstick, first line lips and outside edges with a primer like the one by MAC or Two faced. as a general rule, I love both the quality and colors of NARS and can't wait to see his most recent book

  2. Nars lipsticks are the best! Beter than Mac. Cannot live w/o niagara & catfight. Also love schiap & afghan red. Just got their fall shadow (the palais one). It is simply stunning... May need to stock up since it's LE