Monday, July 11, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Eyeshadow Palette SWATCHES!

This incredible gem of a palette was waiting for me when I returned from my vacation with Jessica!

The Tarte for True Blood palette packaging is super sexy.  It's all corset laces and red and black reptilian-embossed vinyl, very much like something the dancers and regulars at Fangtasia would keep around at all times.  At the bottom is a drawer with the instructions "Open After Dark" that contains an eyeshadow primer, mini mascara, and eyeliner.  Also included is a tip sheet put together by True Blood's makeup artist Bridgette Myer-Ellis to get you started on a few different ways to wear the eyeshadows.      

The shades range from innocent barely-there whispers of color to full-on, dramatic, and impossible to miss.  Kind of like the characters themselves.  They all have names inspired by the show like Fairy, V, and Telepath.  There are four matte and thirteen shimmer/glitter formulas for a whopping total of seventeen unique colors!  There are a million ways to wear them; I can't wait to experiment with different looks.


Some of the colors proved very difficult to photograph.  The super light shades didn't show up so well on my wrist (because I'm super pale) and the complex microglitters weren't always apparent, either.  Some of the dark shades like Glamour Me (center) and Nocturnal (second row, far right) photographed on my wrist like dark blobs rather than the elegant plum and navy colors they really are.  Glamour Me, Bayou, and The True Death are three of my favorites.  Each shadow easy to apply and even the more glittery ones like Waitress and True Death had almost no fallout.  I swatched each one with the Tarte Lifted Natural eye primer that was included with the palette.

Top to bottom: The Light (shimmery ivory), Fairy (shimmery faint pink), and Dusk (matte taupe)

Dawn (shimmery faint gold), Werewolf (matte deep brown), Waitress (sparkly champagne), Nocturnal (sparkly navy)

Charmer (shimmery copper), Glamour Me (sparkly deep plum), Stake (matte steel grey)

Bayou (shimmery deep gold), Telepath (sparkly rose pink). The True Death (sparkly silver), Immortal (sparkly black)

Moss (shimmery deep green), Legend (matte deep black), V (sparkly crimson)

The first look from the included tip sheet, Vampy Vixen, is super quick and easy glamour.  True Death is washed all over the lid with the EmphasEYES Aqua Gel eyeliner lining upper and lower lashlines, and Glamour Me smudged on top of the eyeliner.  The eyeliner was a little bit unwieldy and difficult to use, but the Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara was amazing!

Since it was daytime I went very light on my lower lashline and applied the thinnest layers of liner and shadow possible, but for a truly vampy look for evening you can of course apply more.

The Tarte for True Blood eyeshadow palette is a must have for fans of the show and Tarte alike.  These colors will look especially gorgeous during fall and winter or going out after dark, of course.  Soft, subtle shades round out the deeper dramatic ones to create looks appropriate for day as well as evening.  The variety is incredible and with seventeen shades it's possible to create a looks that are totally unique.

Which colors are your favorites?  Which would you like to pair up most?


  1. Great review! love the blue shimmery shadow you did on your eyes. im a huge tarte fan!

  2. Thank you! I'm a big Tarte fan as well! Have you tried their Maracuja oil yet?

  3. I really love the design of this palette o.o I would SO have that out at my burlesque shows.

  4. This would be excellent for stage performances! The primer, like, GLUES the shadow to your eyelids, the color won't budge! And I actually tried to wipe it off with my finger just to see what would happen; the shadow stayed firmly in place!