Wednesday, July 13, 2011

False Eyelashes: A Step by Step Tutorial

No other beauty product changes your look quite like false eyelashes.  Whether you choose long, dramatic lashes or a subtle, more natural pair, false eyelashes make a gorgeous difference!  Check out this before and after of my own lashes:

With concealer only--next time I need to remember a little blush!!!  Geez Louise!

With concealer, false lashes, and eyeliner
What a difference, right?!  False eyelashes have a notorious reputation for being extremely difficult to apply, so many ladies don't even bother attempting them.  Funny story: one of the first times I ever applied false eyelashes was for a Halloween party (naturally).  Things were just getting underway when my dashing boyfriend discreetly pointed out that one of my lashes was barely hanging on!  Yikes!  It certainly takes practice, but isn't false eyelash application a worthy skill to have?  I definitely think so!  I'm proud I've finally mastered it and am thrilled to put together this step by step tutorial so you can, too.

First, here's exactly what you'll need:

A good pair of false lashes is a given.  This is my very favorite pair, Salon Perfect #105.  They're ridiculously long (when it comes to lashes I say go big or go home, but that's a personal preference), extremely easy to find, and crazy cheap.  I'm talking $3 cheap, these lashes are a fantastic bargain!  If the length is a little too much for you, Salon Perfect also has a selection of lashes that look natural as well.  There are tons of brands and styles to choose from!

You're also going to need some eyelash glue.  Make sure you get the kind for strip lashes, not individual ones (I've made that mistake before).  I'd also recommend glue that is waterproof and dries clear.  Most formulas do, so chances are you'll be fine with whatever you pick up.  Again, lots of brands to choose from!

Liquid eyeliner and mascara are necessary final steps to make sure the false lashes blend as seamlessly as possible.  I apply the liner over the lash band to disguise it and any glue that may have gone on too thick.  The mascara incorporates your real lashes with the falsies just in case you didn't apply them close enough to your natural lash line.  This prevents the dreaded "layered" look!  Here I'm using black InColor FabuLiner and Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes mascara.

Now that your tools are assembled, you can peel the eyelash out of the holder and start applying a thin layer of glue to the lash band.  It's helpful if you squirt a drop out of the tube first, then drag it over the lash band.  Make sure the layer is even and don't skimp on the ends!  If you get too much glue on, that's okay.  It will take a little longer to dry and some glue may be visible, but that's where the eyeliner comes in later.  Once the glue has been applied, you need to wait about fifteen seconds so the glue can get tacky (slightly sticky).

Once the glue is tacky, place the lash as close as possible to your natural lash line.  Apply it to the middle first, then position the two ends.  This is the most difficult part.  It takes precision to apply them correctly, but you also have to work quickly because the glue is drying!  If you don't get it right at first, keep practicing and it will get tremendously easier.  Just peel the glue off and apply it again! 

Now repeat with the other eyelash.  The glue will likely be super visible at this point; don't worry, that's normal!  It looks white until it dries, but I promise, it will dry.  Again, the more glue you apply, the longer this will take.  Patience is key!  Hang out, play with lipstick colors, Facebook-stalk someone, read some more articles at Applied Glamour... ;-)

So yay, now the glue is finally dry and you're ready to put on the finishing touches!  As I've mentioned, liquid eyeliner is extremely useful for disguising the eyelash band and making the lashes appear more natural.  I'm partial to eyeliners with a felt tip pen like a Sharpie.  Just fill in over the lash band like you would apply eyeliner to your natural lash line.  Mascara will help blend your real lashes in with the false ones and also give the falsies a little extra lift!  Urban Decay even sells a mascara specifically formulated for false eyelashes, but really any mascara will do.  Just barely sweep the mascara wand over the lashes; you don't need much at all. 

And voila!  There you have it!  Here's how it will look once you're all done.  Yes, they're a little unbelievable, but so what?  That's the point!  Nobody has colored eyelids either, am I right?

Yes, false eyelashes can be intimidating to apply at first and you may experience a few mishaps starting out, but don't get discouraged.  I promise it gets easier!  Keep practicing, don't skimp on the glue, and apply the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash line.  Long, thick eyelashes will be yours in no time!


  1. This is so awesome! It's so funny that you posted this the day I bought my first ones ever. Fate <3

  2. Yay! I hope it helps you! I'd love to see pics of your new lashes :) Let me know how it goes!

  3. Thanks lady for the tutorial!!! False eyelashes are some of my favorite things, I must say. It's funny though, you and I do one step totally different from each other: I always put my mascara on BEFORE i apply the lashes. I was always so nervous that when the lashes came off at night, that they'd pull out my original ones. Ha, too funny


  4. Everyone has their own little tricks! How funny. And yeah, I've had lashes come out before :( but that's been from applying too much glue! I've tried putting mascara on before the falsies but then I felt like I had to dodge around my real lashes, haha.

  5. actually you look prettier without the false lashes...

  6. Oh man this is handy. I'm going to be in a production of As You Like it set in the 60's, and you know how they loved them some ridiculously big false lashes. I guess I'll have to get some practice runs in. :| Glue on my eyes is not a feeling I'm looking forward to.

  7. so pretty.good tips as well.keep it up.regards.