Friday, July 22, 2011

Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer (Plus! How to Contour)

All you regular readers are surely aware by now that I have super pale skin.  And I generally like it that way.  Every year May rolls around I briefly consider dalliances with faux-tanning products, but ultimately opt out and embrace my natural so-white-I'm-almost-reflective pallor.  Maybe the heatwave sweeping across America this week is getting to me, but now I find myself wanting the slightest hint of glow-y color, even if it just gives my face a little more warmth.  I think I've mentioned before how most bronzers make me look like I attractively streaked some dirt across my face, but I've made a discovery that will have super pale girls (and even you tan ones!) everywhere bronzing up!

Tarte's Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Ave Princess is my secret weapon this summer.  It has the most natural finish of any bronzer I've ever used!  Instead of obvious brown streaks, Tarte's Mineral Powder Bronzer adds a subtle glow, making your skin appear like you've been on a glorious vacation but were really, really good with the sunscreen.  On your skin it's like a luminizer with slight golden brown tones and it's absolutely gorgeous.  I like to dust it over my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, where the sun naturally hits your face.  The color is buildable too, for those of you who aren't ghostly pale and want a little darker glow.

Pretty glow-y skin, even on the cloudiest of days

This graphic is from Kevyn Aucoin's genius manifesto Face Forward.  You want a copy, trust me!

Bronzers can do way more than supply you with an I-just-came-back-from-the-tropics glow, however.  It can also be used to contour; that is, define your jawline, sculpt your cheekbones, and even make your face appear slimmer!  The idea is that the darker bronze shading causes shadows that will push an area inward.  So you strategically apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, directly under your jawline, and around your hairline and temples to create the contours that foundation can sometimes take away.  Try it!  You'll be amazed at the difference! 

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