Friday, July 15, 2011

How Do You Store Your Makeup?

I wanna know!   Do you have a vanity table or special drawers?  Are you super organized?  Is all your makeup thrown into one bag?  Do you have separate bags for different products?  What sorts of things do you look for in a makeup bag?

I took a quick poll of my Facebook friends and some pretty impassioned conversation ensued...

Heather: I usually have a drawer, but I keep my essentials on the counter in a little decorative basket =)

Elizabeth: I have what I use most in a small makeup bag. The rest of it is in a train case-like makeup bag where it isn't specifically organized but isn't haphazard, either.

Jamie: I have a orange L.L.Bean cosmetic size bag that my parents got me when I was in second grade to use for our first ski trip that is still in great shape. I can wash it when it gets dirty and if it ever breaks or tears, it has a lifetime warranty. Oh yeah and it's waterproof. So it's pretty much the best cosmetic bag of all time. As for how my stuff is organized, it isn't. I'm way too ADD to stick to any system of organization. That's not to say I haven't tried. I've just failed at every attempt.

Emmaline: I carry a small bag with me all the time for essentials and a very haphazard bag for everything else I own!

Molly: I have a drawer for eye shadows and other things, brushes are in a small MAC bag. Blush, powder, and bronzer is in another bag. I have so much eyeshadow that I need it in a bigger area. Oh and lipstick, etc. is in another make up bag :)

Corrie: I have a small bag for my everyday things and I keep my extra specialty things in a Caboodles in my closet.

Karen: I have a makeup table.

Lori Anne: I wish I had a makeup table but I just have a huge box.

Amy: I keep my makeup in a retired Vera Bradley handbag.

The people have spoken, and clearly the most popular choice by far is a small bag for everyday essentials and some larger container for special, less used products.  Which is exactly how I store my makeup, too!  Mostly what I look for in a makeup bag is how much it will hold and whether it's pretty.  I don't think I could find anything more lovely and perfect than what I'm currently using!  Take a look:

I ordered this gem of a bag from Tokyo Milk, a company whose specialty is lovely, unique perfumes with pretty packaging.  Also available are compact mirrors, shower gels, lip balms, and interesting cosmetic bags like this one.  It's straightforward cloth, but I couldn't resist the graphic of my beloved Marie Antoinette.  It's the perfect size for travel and holding all the daily essentials I use: blotting papers, concealer, powder, blush, eyeliner, and mascara (my lipsticks live in my purse).

I keep palettes, brushes, and other items I use less often in this glamorous vintage train case!  It's metallic gold embellished all over with a star pattern and it makes me feel like a 1950s starlet.  Despite it having elastic bands and pockets around the inside edges for storage, the contents are extremely haphazard.  You saw for yourself; it's the very first picture I posted above!  Okay, so, organization is not my strong suit...

The good thing about the case is that it's very deep.  I keep my palettes stacked on top of that haphazard mess and never have a problem closing the lid!  It holds everything.

Now it's your turn!  How do you store your makeup?  What do your bags (and their contents!) look like?  Pics please! :)  Happy weekend!


  1. well, right now I am between places so this is more theoretical but I like to store makeup in boxes. I have a large, wooden box with multiple drawers that is so handy for organizing, plus separate, decorative boxes that I use/will use. I am hoping to get a vanity with drawers, so that may change things.

  2. I've got a good old fashioned caboodle! Hahah. I think it's older than me, honestly.

    I also have a couple of little makeup bags that I use for my purse & travelling and so there's always odds and ends in those. I'm not very organized, really, but I don't keep a lot of makeup so just having everything in one place is good enough for me.