Wednesday, June 29, 2011

L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

I don't really watch TV except for a few shows online, on DVD, and a standing date with my BFF Lori Anne to see what happens on The Voice (exciting!!!).  I learned to live without it during college and never looked back.  This leaves me exempt from just about any TV commercial reference; you quote it and I'll smile and nod along, but I won't really get it.  Several consecutive nights of TV viewing recently affirmed how little I'm missing by not watching regularly (whew!), but I also realized just how susceptible I am to commercials and the shiny happy clever things they promise...

...which is how I found myself in Wal-Mart's health & beauty department at 11:17 PM trying to find this lipstick.

I've never cared much for L'Oreal lipsticks (they smell funny) but this, THIS!  Shiny beautiful long lasting Gwen Stefani red lips for less than $10?!  I couldn't get to the store fast enough. 

I purchased Refined Ruby, a gorgeous blue based red.  First impressions: it doesn't smell at all!  Yay!  The shiny clear and silver tube is very glam but a little unwieldy.  No matter; the color goes on rich and smooth.

But does it really last ten hours?  Can you really swipe your finger over your lips like Gwen does in the commercial with minimal need for touch ups?

Yes!  It does, and you can.  My Infallible Le Rouge lipstick lasted through cheeseburger and milkshake consumption with only the tiniest touch up required, just like a stain.  I was super impressed!  For the sake of experimentation I swiped my finger over my lips a la Gwen; a little color came off on my finger but the color also somehow magically stayed on my lips.

What's in this silver tube packs an amazing pigmented punch.  The vitamin E formula prevents dehydration, so my lips never felt dry.  They didn't shine like the commercial seems to promise, but I'm okay with that.  Overall, this is one of the most glamorous drugstore products I've ever purchased!

Have you ever bought anything after being sucked in by a television or print ad?  Did it deliver what you expected or were you disappointed?


  1. Ooh, I'm in definitely need of this. Must go buy!

  2. Wow impressive!
    Would love if you could post some swatches on your product reviews :)

  3. Thanks Aqua! I'm still getting the whole swatching thing down, but I'm beginning to feature them more and more! You'll definitely see a lot more in the future :) thanks for the tip!