Friday, June 24, 2011

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Taiga

One of the most fun aspects of makeup is fantasy, wouldn't you say?  Its transformative powers have always appealed to me; I can channel anyone I want in seconds flat!  With kohl eyeliner I'm Cleopatra ruling an empire; with silver nail polish I can be a femme fatale out of a Raymond Chandler novel; with false eyelashes I'm Edie Sedgwick running around the Factory.  And with the Taiga Eyeshadow Duo from NARS I can be a fairy tale Russian princess.

Taiga is a Russian word to describe the ecosystem of forests that encompasses most of the country, in addition to Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  The climate is harsh and cold but beautiful, and is the largest terrestrial biome in the world.  Fascinating, right?  I've always thought so.  I have a bit of an obsession with all things Russian, so the Taiga Eyeshadow Duo was a must-have for my makeup bag!

This is no ordinary white and brown eyeshadow you're seeing; no, no, far from it!  Taiga is the makeup equivalent of a dense fairy tale forest when the last bits of sunlight shine through the trees and everything seems to magically glow.  The shade on the left is a cream colored shimmer that almost disappears into my skin, leaving behind the faintest hint of color imaginable, really more of a glow.  The shade on the right is the real showstopper.  I've been searching for the perfect pewter-green-gold-dark-khaki color and that's exactly, exactly what this is.  It's rich with a bit of gold shimmer but isn't overtly glittery, which I definitely appreciate.

On bare skin--you can just barely see the light shade, but it's there!
Over Urban Decay Primer Potion

Taiga is perfect for creating a subtle smoky eye that's guaranteed to smolder.  The lighter shade makes a great highlight, while the darker shade would look amazing blended into your crease or as eyeliner.  Another lovely wonder from Monsieur Nars!

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