Friday, June 17, 2011

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara


Upon initial examination, Tarte's Gifted Amazonian Clay "Smart" mascara looks pretty conventional and even a little boring, wouldn't you say?  The wooden packaging is nifty, but that brush looks like every other mascara wand I've ever seen.  Still, I was on the hunt for a new mascara when this fortuitously arrived in the mailbox as a surprise from my mom!  Who am I to turn down a brand new mascara? 

Then I actually tried it, and WOW!  My lashes are a mile long, curled, and still feel silky and light.  You know how some mascaras can make your eyelashes feel as though you have three pounds of gunky chemicals weighing them down?  And your lashes feel all gummy and artificial?  Yeah, that's what I'd started to experience with my former mascara, so Tarte's Gifted was like a breath of fresh air for my lashes!  This looks and feels so much better.  

And here's where the "smart mascara" effect comes in: Gifted contains Amazonian clay to rebuild and replenish your lashes.  It's true, it really works!  My eyelashes were looking brittle and sparse, due in part to sleeping with my face squashed into my pillow night after night.  After two weeks, my lashes are fuller, longer, and more plentiful.  Gifted is also formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, sulfates, and tons of other nasty chemicals.  My eyelashes are healthier! 

I'm telling you, there is magic in this tube. 


  1. hrm... I may have to try this, I'm always trying new mascaras but haven't ever really used anything by Tarte before.I heard they have an eyeliner made specifically for the inner lid

  2. They do! It's kind of unhealthy to apply most eyeliners to your inner rim, especially waterproof liners. They can literally clog up your eyes, gross! But Tarte's eyeliners are formulated specifically to use in that area. They're plant based and much thinner than regular eyeliner, so I feel better about using them. Tarte is a pretty amazing brand.

  3. Have you tried the Tarte Lash hugger mascara? If so would love a comparison.

    I personally dislike mascara since it smudges so badly for me & always transfers!!
    Would you possibly have before & after photos of the tarte mascara you used here?

  4. I haven't tried Lash Hugger! I have tried Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes and can do a comparison of that if you like.

    Silly me, I didn't even think about taking before & after pictures! But I certainly can if you'd like! I can post them on my blog or email them to you personally, whichever you prefer.

  5. Would love if you could post a before and after on your blog so you could possibly share with others :)

  6. I read a product review in a magazine and had to try - this mascara is seriously amazing! I have contacts and my eyes were so irritated, after using this for just a few days I can really see a difference. It doesn't flake and my lashes curl and lengthen instantly. Price is reasonable too!