Monday, June 20, 2011

L'Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments in Intrepid

Intrepid from L'Oreal's HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments collection is one of THE coolest colors I've ever seen.  I've wanted it forever and I finally caved in and bought it!  I love Intrepid so much I'm willing to overlook the fact that it's a loose pigment.  At least the jar has a sifter, so the packaging is good.  And the little brush that comes with the pigment works very well, too, which I didn't expect.  But you came to see what's inside the jar, didn't you?  Here it is!

Isn't that cool?!  Intrepid is a beautiful reddish brown topped with a greenish-blue sheen.  It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it works!  I don't know how, but it looks like magic.  In the pictures below, I blended Intrepid into the crease of my eyelids.    

The two-tone effect is way more noticeable in person (sorry the lighting is weird), but you can still see the shimmer along with the reddish-brown base.  I paired it with two shades from Too Faced's Natural Eye palette, with Push Up on my lids and Silk Teddy under my brow bone.  

You can prevent "fallout" from loose pigment eyeshadows by tapping the brush first to remove any excess powder and by holding a blotting paper or tissue underneath your eye.  If you do end up with colored powder under your eyes, don't brush it away with your finger.  This can pat the color into your skin and actually make it stay rather than removing it.  Instead, use a clean brush or a tissue to remove the color, and apply concealer last!


  1. wow, I woulda never thought it was two-toned. there is a loose mac pigment that is remarkably similar but more pricey

  2. Urban Decay has an eyeshadow that's similar, too, and so does Lorac. Weird that such a unique two-toned color is so duplicated...