Monday, June 13, 2011

My Own Fragrance Library

Since I'm still looking for my own elusive signature scent, I've accumulated quite a little collection of different perfumes.  There's a lot of variety here; I like to switch it up depending on my mood or the seasons.  For example, Prada Infusion d'Iris makes me feel very grown up and proper while Gwen Stefani's L is more fun and relaxed.  Here's a look into my own fragrance collection. (P.S. I made the "tower" myself out of candle holders and cheap aluminum trays! It's pretty much my only successful DIY project and I'm proud.  Please admire.)

Lately Tocca Brigitte, YSL Parisienne, and BPAL Marie are what I wear the most.  Parisienne is the epitome of expensive French florals and makes me feel like a fancy well-to-do lady, while Brigitte is inspired by Ms. Bardot and is sexy and playful.  Marie is violet and tuberose with darker bottom notes so it's not sickeningly sweet, which I LOVE.  In the back is Betsey Johnson's signature perfume, which I no longer wear but still keep around because the bottle is so pretty. 

Prada Infusion d'Iris is way more powdery than I expected.  I didn't like it at first, but now I find something about the scent to be weirdly comforting.  Like I said, it makes me feel grown up and I'll spray it lightly before important meetings.  The pink bottle is an old Cynthia Rowley for Avon fragrance that smells like honeysuckle and Southern summer nights.  Sometimes I'm in the mood for that sort of scent, but it's rare, so I mostly keep it for the bottle too (see a trend here?).  G is the only Harajuku Lovers perfume I own.  Don't laugh.  I couldn't resist the adorable-ness, plus the scent is like a day at the beach.  It's all coconuts and deliciousness and smells especially nice layered with Gwen's signature L fragrance.

I haven't worn Marc Jacobs Lola in a while, actually.  I need to spray it on more often.  Again, it's the bottle that really sells me.  I have a feeling I'll have this for a long time!  The tiny bottle is Bobbi Brown Almost Bare.  It's a cast-off from my mom and I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but it's very light and clean.  I don't usually go for that in a perfume, but it's worth trying anyway.

Then you see Gwen Stefani's L.  I don't care that it's now available on super discount shelves at stores like TJ Maxx, I still love it and always get compliments when I wear it.  I think I'll head to TJ Maxx and stock up!  In the back is Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, which I starting wearing when I was sixteen or seventeen and is what I consider my first "real" fragrance (Tommy Girl doesn't count!).  I've outgrown it now but I'll wear it occasionally when I'm feeling a little nostalgic.  It's another fresh clean scent that was perfect for my teenage self!

Now, though, I'm gravitating toward grand, fiery statement perfumes (pink pepper and cinnamon are my two new favorite elements) and "floral with a dark twist" kind of scents.  I'm also seeking out more unique, non-mainstream fragrances.  My signature scent probably won't be available at Sephora!  But you know what?  I'm definitely okay with the search.  I'll keep you all updated as the hunt continues :)

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