Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Interview: Melina Bee

Photo courtesy Malin Laney Photography
The very first in Applied Glamour's interview series is from the lovely blogger Melina Bee!  A few times each week, she allows readers to peek into her life by way of gorgeous photoshoots showcasing her favorite outfits and makeup looks.  The way she combines clothing and accessories is truly unique, and the way she ties in themes like poetry, trains, and the circus keeps every post fresh and entertaining.  Her "Eight Lipsticks + One LBD = Eight Holiday Looks" series got me completely hooked.  It's evident Melina has incredible individuality and sense of self, not to mention a fantastic stash of beauty products!  She was kind enough to indulge me in an interview!  Read on to discover her favorite products, and make sure you check out her fabulous blog!

At what age did you first start wearing makeup?
I first started wearing it around 15 although I'd been interested in it for years.  I stopped wearing it for a couple of years when I first went to college and got back into it at 21.

How did you learn to apply it?
Reading beauty magazines and books mostly, and practice over the years.

What products were your favorite back then?
Wow, there was the most electric blue mascara by Caboodles at Target for like $4.  It was so vibrant and saturated, people thought I dyed my lashes.  Seems like they stopped making it. (fyi: great alternative is Maybelline Great Lash in royal blue).  I also loved the hair dye, black nail polish, and hot pink eyeshadow by Manic Panic.  There was a shade of acid green eyeshadow by Urban Decay, too.

What are your current favorites?
I love Nars eyeshadow duos, I have a couple and most all of them thrill me.  Mascara by L'Oreal and Maybelline's Lash Stiletto are great.  My favorite lipstick is Dior Haute Couluer in "red muse".

What is your usual makeup routine?
Don't have a standard look really, so it can vary except I almost always wear mascara.  Most days I use some concealer and translucent powder.  Often I use black eyeliner and/or bright eyeshadows.  A lot of days I wear lipstick, too.

What product could you never live without, and what will you never try again?
Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap (in lavender).  That's technically a cosmetic, right?  I would never use the fragrance "Angel" by Thierry Mugler again.  Not to hate on the product, but I wore that and super sweet fragrances in my tween years and now they make me gag.  (I know I am not the only person to have gone through this.)

Got a special tip or trick you'd like to share?
Use fine granulated sugar as scrub by mixing it into your normal face wash once a week.

How do you take care of your skin?
See the answers to previous two questions.  Also, French clay mask once in a while.  Lavender and tea tree oil profusely.  I've worn moisturizer with SPF since 14.

 Who are your beauty inspirations?
Sofia Loren, Gwen Stefani, Ziggy Stardust, my favorite painters

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  1. aw, such a sweet introduction, am blushing.
    thanks so much, I'll include a link back here in my next outfit post over the weekend.