Monday, March 7, 2011

A Better Eye Brightening Trick

Lining your lower lashline, waterline, or inner corner of your eye with white eyeliner is a pretty well known eye brightening trick.  But you know what's even better and looks way more natural?  Beige eyeliner.  It eliminates the look of a stark white line, which can look weird if you don't blend it well.  In addition to brightening effects, beige eyeliner also makes your eyes look much bigger.  Unfortunately, it can be even more difficult to find than white.  Tarte makes a beige pencil specifically marketed as an inner rim eye brightener.  It's waterproof and stays on for ages, but it's kind of pricey at $18.  A more affordable option at only $5 is Sephora's Nano eyeliner in Pearl Beige.  If you're at a loss for eyeliner, a pale shimmery neutral eyeshadow will also work well.  For best results, apply it with an eyeliner brush like this one from ELF that's only $1 at Target!           


  1. I've used white eyeliner in the past, and it does look a little strange because I have a darker complexion.

    I don't actually wear eyeliner very often because it has a tendency to smudge thus giving me "raccoon eyes." Do you know if there is something out there that can prevent my eyeliner from smudging?

  2. Chandra, I usually only wear eyeliner on my upper lashline, it hardly ever smudges! But for your lower lashline you could try She Laq from Benefit. It's a sealant that dries clear over your makeup to prevent smudging! It also comes with mini brushes for precise application.

  3. I want to try this since it's Tarte (all natural) though I've read reviews that it fades pretty quickly.