Friday, March 4, 2011

Seriously Works: Infotone Face Mist

I won a chance to test out a brand new face mist called Infotone from a Beauty Bets giveaway!  For one week, I spritzed my face four or five times each day with the miraculous water.  In the interest of maintaining objectivity, the only other skincare product I used on my face that week was my eye cream.  Surprisingly, it was enough!  Read on to learn what else I discovered while using Infotone...

Sunday: I finally bothered to check the mail, and hurrah!  My package arrived!  I took off all my makeup as quickly as possible to spritz my face with this magic water.  First impression?  It felt really refreshing.  My skin already feels more hydrated, and dare I say smoother?  But I'm afraid I misted a little too much...I got my hair and clothes as well as my face.  Whoops.

Monday: You better believe I took this baby to work.  I sprayed to my heart's content and extolled the water's supposed powers while my co-workers shook their heads in amusement and disbelief.  Whatever, this is the easiest beauty treatment ever.  I feel self-congratulatory, like I'm doing something amazing for my skin.  Whether it really is amazing or its effects are all in my head remains to be seen, but so far no complaints.

Tuesday: Misted my face after a short walk in the sunshine.  It occurs to me that this product may save my life this summer.  It gets HOT where I live.  Summer is a misery and I'm already dreading it.  But now that I have this lovely little bottle to carry in my purse and refresh my complexion, maybe the heat will be a little more bearable.

Wednesday: Thank goodness the little clay mineral ball makes Infotone refillable with natural spring water, because I'm halfway through the week and halfway through the bottle.  It's good for about a year, so I feel compelled to spritz away. 

Thursday:  YOU GUYS.  MY SKIN IS CLEARER.  I had the beginnings of a painful bump on my chin two days ago and now it is gone.  I had a weird little minor breakout making its way across my left cheek and that's gone, too.  Consider me a convert, I'm ready to proselytize the benefits of this magic water to anyone who will listen.  It's not just my imagination anymore; my complexion really does feel smoother and the redness in my skin is minimized.  For real!

Friday/Saturday: And here come the compliments!  This weekend I got to see a ton of my friends and sorority sisters I haven't seen in a few months.  I heard variations of, "Your skin has never looked better!  What are you using?" from many of them.  They were amazed when I pulled this little spray bottle out of my purse. 

Final Verdict:  I am so glad I had the opportunity to test out the Infotone face mist.  It did wonders for my skin!  It kept my face hydrated, cleared up breakouts, and made my complexion look radiant.  The $35 price tag may sound a bit steep, but not when you consider that it can be refilled for a year.  Especially with results like this, it's completely worth it.  This product is truly wonderful!     


  1. That sounds great! Where am I able to get this?

  2. Duh it would help if I clicked the links!

  3. I remember using a face mist years ago, and I loved how my skin felt more hydrated and refreshed. I can't remember the brand though, so I think I'll consider buying this once summer comes. Summers in AL are the worst!

  4. I won one of these and while I haven't noticed any difference in my skin yet (it's only been a few days)I to am loving how simple it is and how refreshing it feels.