Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview: Brittan Yeager

 Brittan Yeager is a gorgeous up-and-coming interior designer I've had the pleasure of knowing since high school.  She has incredible mile long eyelashes and her makeup always looks flawless and classic, whether her day is occupied with lighting concepts or playing with her many adorable Welsh Corgis.  She's got some enviable skills!  But for Brittan, her beauty isn't just skin deep.  She truly possesses a much sought-after inner beauty and is one of the most genuine people I've ever known.  While Brittan can't give away all her secrets, she did agree to answer my questions about her makeup routine!  Read on for her amazing and clever tips.

At what age did you first start wearing makeup?

How did you learn to apply it?
By observing my mother :) She taught me how to choose the correct colors that worked well with my skin tone, eye, and hair color. She stressed blending of the foundation!!

What products were your favorite back then?
Maybelline Volume Boost Mascara! Love it!!

What are your current favorites?
I swear by the Maybelline Volume Boost mascara, it's amazing. I love experimenting with eye shadows as well. L'Oreal, Cover Girl, and Maybelline. Also, I have recently purchased the new Cover Girl 'Nature Luxe' foundation. I think it's my new favorite! It applies so smoothly, with less shine.

What is your usual makeup routine?
Wash my face, apply moisturizer if needed, lightly apply concealer under my eyes, apply foundation, blush, powder in shiny spots, eye shadow, liquid liner on my top lid, (I use a dark brown eye shadow for my lower liner so that it is not so thick and over powering), mascara, and lip gloss :)

What product could you never live without, and what will you never try again?
I love my mascara, and Maybelline water proof liquid eyeliner. I try to avoid water proof mascaras, they are so difficult to remove. This is horrible for your skin to continuously scrub and rub your eyes. 

Got a special tip or trick you'd like to share?
hmmm,.. I have always been told to apply your darkest shadow in the crease of your lid and blend up. I try to leave space between the shadow and my eye brow often applying a light shadow to give the appearance of a larger eye. This also helps when attempting the "smokey" look :) Groom your brows! Waxing/Plucking your eye brows can make a huge difference. This also allows the shadow to apply more evenly/smoothly.

How do you take care of your skin?
I am ashamed to say that I don't remove my makeup every night before going to bed. That has to be one of the best things that you can do for your skin besides using moisturizing cream!! I am however working on this! :))

Who are your beauty inspirations?
My mother, My sister, and My grandmother. They are three classy, beautiful ladies on the inside and out with flawless skin (which they wash every night and take care of!).

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