Friday, March 11, 2011

Haute Look & My Face Works

Pictured: my latest beauty treatment. Seriously!

If you haven't been to yet, you are seriously missing out.  The beauty deals on this website are incredible.  I recently took advantage of the deals they offered from My Face Works and ordered the starter kit for half price!  The package arrived early and now I have six different new masks to test out!

I love face masks, maybe even more than I love weird mascara wands.  What makes My Face Works interesting is that the product is contained within a "facial sheet".  Each sheet is a thin fiber cloth in the shape of a face that has been soaked in concentrated nutrients to benefit your skin.  It's a mask without any mess at all, no rinsing required!  I was instantly on board for this, even if it does look a little creepy and Michael Meyers-esque (I can't be alone in thinking this, right?).

Choosing which mask to try first was difficult.  I finally settled on I Need To Relax, a lavender mask with aloe leaf juice to "provide comfort and relief to stressed skin."  The sheet mask was completely saturated with product, which absorbed into my skin nicely and felt cool and soothing while it was on.  After, my skin was noticeably calmer.  The usual redness was diminished, my pores appeared smaller, and my face even felt tighter.  I can't wait to try the other masks included, especially the ones to boost collagen and restore dull skin.  Great product!

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