Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Pick: Hello Kitty cosmetics

hello kitty

I'll admit: I was not prepared to love these products.  Yes, Hello Kitty is wonderful and adorable, but I couldn't get over the cutesy packages occupying shelf space next to Make Up For Ever and Dior at Sephora.  How could this possibly be serious makeup?  I suspect the Sephora people must have gotten similar reactions from other customers, because soon they offered the Glittercute Eyeliner in Grape Soda as a 100 point perk free sample.  It's an awesome glittery purple shade and I've been in the mood to experiment with eyeliner, so I thought "Why not?" and redeemed for it.  You guys, I am now completely sucked into the adorableness of these Hello Kitty cosmetics.

The makeup is legit.  Since my foray into Glittercute eyeliner, I've been able to experiment with all the other products, too.  Everything in the line is subtle, shimmery, and ultra girly.  The colors are fun and pretty, and application is amazing.  With shade names like Pink Bow, Grape Frosting, Kimono, and Cupcake, it's all perfect for spring!  I'm particularly loving the Charmmy Eyeshadow Sticks, but what I've really got my eye on is the Say Hello Super Fun palette.  The eyeshadows are gorgeous purples and greys and the lipgloss is in a variety of unique colors.  Another standout is the super moisturizing Sweet Gloss.

What also sets this line apart from the Hello Kitty cosmetics I loved as a little girl is that they all contain fruit extracts like apple and grape seed oil to keep your skin amazing and healthy.  How fabulous is that?

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