Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Minor Interruption

Don’t you hate it when bloggers get all “Sorry I haven’t posted!”?  Me too, but that’s exactly what this post is going to be, unfortunately. Bear with me and your regularly scheduled content will be up and running ASAP!

For those of you don’t know, I live in a region of north Alabama that was severely affected by tornadoes last week.  We’ve been without electricity since Wednesday afternoon.  Silence and darkness suddenly reigns supreme in an age when we’ve grown up accustomed to noise and light at our every whim.  The sense of isolation and feeling cut off from the rest of the world is surreal and bizarre.      

Some businesses are able to operate on generators, though.  I'm typing this on the floor of a dark room in a computer store that mysteriously and blessedly has free WIFI.  Last night my friend Lori Anne (you'll meet her in a post soon, I did her makeup on a photoshoot!) and I went to a restaurant the next town over and were able to watch Royal Wedding Coverage!  We were glued to the screen like a pair of ecstatic hillbillies for the better part of an hour, gushing over Kate's dresses.

In any case, I haven't forgotten about you lovelies!  I've been planning and writing out blog posts in longhand.  Fabulous things are still in the works.  I'll be updating as regularly and as often as I can until our we get electricity back into our homes and can get back to a proper schedule! 

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