Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weird Obsession: Turquoise Eyeliner

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On eyeliner pencils are like, the Holy Grail of makeup, hands down.  They come in all the best colors, apply effortlessly, and stay put for hours.  The only downside the price.  I've particularly been obsessed with Flipside (seen at far left), the most incredible bright turquoise color in the world, but at $18, I couldn't really justify spending that much on a color I wasn't sure I'd actually wear.  It's one thing to love turquoise; it's quite another to love it on your eyes, right?   

I finally found a near dupe of Flipside from NYX with their Aqua Glitter eyeliner pencil.  I'm not usually a fan of pencil eyeliners.  Most of the time I have to press down uncomfortably hard and repeatedly on my eyelid to get the proper shade, but NYX's pencil eyeliner applied almost as smoothly and painlessly as Urban Decay's.  And it's so perfectly subtle!  Turquoise eyeshadow might be a little too '80s for me, but as eyeliner it's the most amazing hint of color.  I applied a thin line of black liquid liner to make the blue even less obvious, and the effect is better than I could have imagined!  I made several attempts to photograph it on, but the color is actually much brighter than what you see in the picture below.   

Turquoise is surprisingly wearable and almost universally flattering.  Chances are, this will look amazing on you!  Go try it out.  I know I want to try every shade of colored eyeliner ever now.

I'm also trying to experiment with photographing color swatches, but with each picture it only becomes more evident that I fail horribly at photography.  I can no longer place the blame on my camera, the true culprit is just my regrettable Lack of Skills.   Any tips for taking pictures of color swatches would be amazingly helpful and appreciated!


  1. I adore bright liners. Turquoise, royal blue, purple, and even pretty greens, they all look fabulous on. For me though, I prefer cream liners. I find them easier to apply and they blend a bit better. Smashbox makes an amazing palette of multi-colored cream liners....


  2. Ooh, I haven't tried Smashbox's cream eyeliner! I'll definitely have to check that out, even better that it's in a palette. I'm pretty sure my next purchase will be some kind of deep purple eyeliner! I've never been a big fan of green, but now I'm wondering how it would look as well. More experimenting required!

  3. I also adore bright liners/shadows but honestly I think bright blues and greens are best with brown or gray eyes. nice to see a picture of you finally!

    are you on IFB? there's some great forums and articles on there about photography. also I think that on xsparkage's blog there's some info on how she does her photography. I'm kinda curious to the answer myself.

  4. Thanks! I have grey eyes, so yay?

    And I've never heard of IFB. I'll have to investigate, thank you for the info!

  5. Laura; IFB is one of the best ways to grow your blog, find followers, advice etc. I started a group for makeup lovers and posted a thread with your swatches photography question:
    I see you have gray eyes, sorry if my comment was misleading. I love blue and green colored eyes, but I feel shades too similar to those eye colors detracts from the actual eyes. seems that blue or green on gray eyes enhances the light tones. (In case you didn't realize I am enchanted by light colored eyes) Does wearing gray shadows with gray eyes do that too or are most "gray eyeshadows" actually silver? I've never bothered with brown shadow that wasn't metallic so...

  6. I can't believe I didn't know about IFB before! This seems like the best thing ever. What a clever website, thank you for the lead!

    No, I actually figured out what you meant almost immediately after I posted the comment, oops. And I agree! All those "enhance your eye color!" palettes with blue eyeshadows for blue eyes and green eyeshadows for green eyes make me cringe. I think most grey eyeshadows actually are silver! I have an eye palette from Rimmel with a matte grey color, but you're right, it does make my eyes seem kind of dull and washed out.

    What are some of your favorite eyeliner brands with a lot of bright colors?