Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Kept Secret: TKB Trading


A colored mica is the ingredient behind the colors of many, many eyeshadows.  Several companies have been notorious for ordering TKB Trading wholesale micas and repackaging them as a unique, finished eyeshadow.  Colored mica alone is not a finished product; fixatives are added to make the color last longer and apply more evenly, but will not alter the shade of the mica alone.  While most companies create truly unique colors by mixing micas and pigments, some mica shades are already fantastic colors and inevitably left unaltered.

I suspect such is the case with TKB's Dragonfly mica.  From what I can tell, it's more or less identical to a shade found in eyeshadow collections from two different high end cosmetic companies.  After swatching both shades at Sephora, the two are near duplicates of each other; both are a reddish brown with a reflective greenish-blue sheen.  Which is exactly how TKB describes their Dragonfly mica, and how it looks swatched here.  I don't mean to make any accusations that these higher-end companies repackage their eyeshadows (they obviously don't, as both shadows are pressed and the mica is loose powder).  Rather, my point is that I'm excited to find this unusual shade elsewhere and for a much cheaper price.

With the mind boggling array of colored micas TKB offers, plus finishing ingredients and other supplies, essentially anyone now has the ability to mix their own eyeshadows!  And it's all so CHEAP!  They've combined ingredients into a kit including enough product to make 30+ eyeshadows for only $22.  I love that TKB even includes gloves.  For separate mica colors, an entire ounce of pigment is around $4.  Four dollars!  They also offer supplies for mixing lipstick, soap, nail polish, bath salts, and so much more.  TKB even sells makeup brushes at wholesale prices!  I'm tempted to never buy another eyeshadow again without consulting this website first, and I can't wait to place my order.  The minimum order is $19.00, but that will get you an insane amount of product!  Everything comes in little bags, which is kind of a pain, but they sell jars, too.  Whatever you can think of, it seems TKB has got you covered!


  1. I've been using TKB trading for about two years now to make my own makeup. I have also got all my girlfriends doing their own too. I make crazy amounts of eyeshadow, blush bronzer, powder foundation, colored lip balms, bronzer lotions, you name it. And if you are just making makeup for yourself and a couple of friends, the sample sizes are just fine. If you find a color that you seem to use in your shadows, blush, bronzer and foundation (for me, it was Apricot) then buy an ounce, it will last you FOREVER. And they are super nice there if you mess up an order and need some changes made. I will never pay $15 for one MAC shadow or $30 for powder foundation again!

  2. Yeah! That's super cool. What additives do you use for eyeshadows? It seems the kit is sold out! I never even thought about making my own foundation, but now I'm intrigued! What do you use? haha, recipes? :)