Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Hush Face Serum Saved My Skin!

The downside of beauty writing is testing lots and lots of skincare products.  Well, okay, actually that's pretty fabulous in and of itself, but when a new product makes my skin BURN, things get ugly.  Really ugly.  So ugly, in fact, that my skin wasn't the same for a week.  My skin was furious and back-talking me like a rebellious teenager!  It was unacceptable and needed to get under control, stat.  Concealer only goes so far!  In a fit of desperation I searched drugstore shelves high and low for a quick fix, but to no avail.  "Why can't there just be a product that says 'this will make your skin calm the eff down!'?"  I wondered in a head-swirling panic.

Luckily, such a product DOES exist!!!  And just in time!  Everblossom's Oh Hush serum was released a little over a week ago and is made to specifically address grouchy skin!  Isn't the name just perfect?  Oh Hush contains steam distilled ylang ylang and lavender essential oils to whip your skin back into submission the next time it opens up a big fresh mouth!   I've used lavender masks before, so I know my skin responds really well to its calming properties. Plus, I've learned lavender oil is a sort of miracle potion that can help heal burns, calm migraines, and fix a ton of other ailments.  I couldn't get Oh Hush absorbing into my skin fast enough!

I adore everything about Oh Hush, literally everything.  It comes in a huge two ounce glass bottle with a glass dropper that will last, oh, forever!  A drop on my forehead, chin, and both cheeks is all I need to cover my whole face (but of course I use more than that!).  I love the super cool font on the label and how pretty the bottle looks on my nightstand.  The scent is purely delightful.  I'm a sucker for almost anything lavender scented anyway!  Best of all, this serum seriously works.  It delivers clear, calm, smooth skin, exactly like it promises!  Oh Hush absorbs quickly into your pores to deliver calming nutrients to the very deepest layer of your skin.  It's so simple and yet unbelievably luxurious!  Really, I can't say enough good things about this product. 

Nightstand essentials
I feel especially great about purchasing from Everblossom.  You may recall my interview with Kylie, the owner, and my enthusiasm over the body butter she also created!  What I really love, though, is the mission statement on her blog.  Kylie believes that all-natural, healthy skincare products should be available and affordable for everyone.  Her business philosophy is our benefit!  I love supporting Everblossom and will be making an effort to start purchasing more products from indie companies.  Support small businesses, there are tons out there to suit anyone's fancy!  Good karma all around!     

P.S. Kylie will be hosting a giveaway once her Everblossom Facebook page reaches fifty "likes"!  Go go go!  She does custom orders for scented lotions too, and will go to great lengths to make your wishes a reality!  She's working hard on a violet scent for me right now and I can't wait :)

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  1. I'm so happy that it's helping your skin, Laura! xo