Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is pretty much my hero.  I mean, really, do you know another celebrity who can rock pink hair and red lipstick at once?

Gwen is also phenomenally talented...touring with No Doubt during pregnancy, two solo albums, designing her own fashion & perfume labels, raising two sons, and keeping her marriage strong.  She writes incredibly personal lyrics and is the the sort of down-to-earth megastar you feel like could still be your BFF (yeah, I've been listening to Return of Saturn a lot lately).  Plus she rocks red lipstick and black liquid eyeliner like nobody's business and has worn bindi, jelly rolls, and even braces on the red carpet.  Seriously, how cool is she?!   Okay, enough gushing.

 Now, Gwen is adding "L'Oreal spokesmodel" to her list of fabulous accomplishments.  She's the face of the brand's new Infallible Le Rouge lipstick line (not to be confused with their original long wearing lip colour).

In her song "Orange County Girl", Gwen makes allusions to "selling makeup at the mall" -- in reality, she worked at a MAC counter!  She admits to having an appreciation for MAC's popular favorite Russian Red matte lipstick.  What else does Gwen love?

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster pen: Gwen uses this both under and over her makeup to cover undereye circles and other imperfections.

Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume hairspray: Gwen's hairdresser uses this to create all those incredible hairstyles.  Need I say more?

SPF 50: Though I don't know the exact brand she wears, Gwen never leaves the house without SPF 50 on her face and body.  Even though she grew up in southern California, she still has porcelain, undamaged skin.

MAC Cream Color Base in Fawntastic:  It's a bronzer!  No, wait, a highlighter!  It's even an eyeshadow base!  Gwen loves this super versatile product so much, it's even been spotted behind the scenes at her L.A.M.B. fashion shows and on models.


  1. loved gwen since she first came out on the scene (I was 13). I hope I can still find some of the gwen collages I made in high school.

    I wonder if her makeup will change now that she is a spokesperson? Isn't she required to appear in only L'oreal products now?

  2. I've always wanted to try pink hair like hers. Ohh if you find those collages you should definitely post pictures.

    I haven't heard that! Is it a general requirement for most celebrity spokesmodels? Hmm.

  3. Great feature, I love Gwen Stefani!


  4. Gwen is such a great inspiration!!! love her..