Monday, April 18, 2011

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Concealer/Brightener

Lately the beginning steps of my makeup routine have consisted of using whatever tinted moisturizer has been on HauteLook recently (Alison Raffaele for now!) and this amazing concealer.  Peter Thomas Roth's Un-Wrinkle Concealer/Brightener duo is definitely one of my new all time favorites.  One end is obviously a concealer; it matches my skin perfectly, blends like a dream, and covers up any imperfections that tinted moisturizer just doesn't, like redness and undereye circles.
The other side is a brightener, a very very pale lightweight shimmer that looks so good blended on the apples of your cheeks, directly underneath your eyebrow arch, and on either side of the bridge of your nose, where shadows are most prevalent.  It's like magic in a tube and will leave you with a perfectly glowing complexion. 

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  1. thanks for the bag recommendation! i googled it and its really cute, one to add to the maybes list haha.