Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birchbox: Better Than a Magazine Subscription

Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?  I know I do!  And if the package contains makeup and beauty samples, why, so much the better! This weekend a box was delivered straight to my door with five deeeeluxe samples to test and try out!  Next month, another similar box will arrive with all new samples nestled inside.  How, you ask?

Birchbox!  This genius startup company sends a ten dollar box o' samples to your mailbox each month and offers extra incentives (like ten dollar coupons and other rewards) to purchase the products you liked best from their website.  Each box contains five HUGE sample sizes and are a different surprise every month!  It's an incredible bargain and perfect for anyone looking for new products (and really, who isn't?) or as a gift for a friend who loves cosmetics.

And they're packaged up so nicely!  Take a look:

And now, the loot inside!  In honor of Earth Day this month, Birchbox has chosen samples from eco-friendly companies and included adorable seed paper cards that grow into wildflowers if you plant them.  Isn't that clever?

From left to right:

Lavanilla The Healthy Body Butter: I was amazed at the sample size of this vanilla lavender scented cream.  It's almost three ounces!  Which is enormous, considering I've paid $8 for a 2 ounce Tocca hand cream before.  This sample is worth way more than $2 (the approximate cost of each sample per box).  Anyway, the Healthy Body Butter is nourishing, lighter than most body butters, and the vanilla lavender scent is incredibly calming.  It's perfect for applying right before bed for ultimate relaxation.  Plus, it contains no harsh chemicals so it's especially great for those with sensitive skin. 

LIV GRN Earth Eau de Parfum:  I was honestly kind of apprehensive of this sample, because in my mind, eco-friendly perfume can mean only one thing: patchouli.  But I was pleasantly surprised!  This perfume has top notes of jasmine and green leaves with undertones of sandalwood so it's light, airy, and slightly sexy.  It initially smelled a lot like rubbing alcohol, but as it dried, the floral and green notes emerged.  I like it, but I'm not sure it's a scent I'd actually wear.  And such is the beauty of the Birchbox!  I can pass this along to my hippie-esque friend Marian and immediately try something else.  Nice!     

Zoya Nail Polish in Jules:  Natural nail polish?  For real!  Zoya's polishes contain no formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, or camphor.  Brilliant!   I know a lot of people associate natural products with inferior quality, but I could tell no difference between it and my beloved OPI polishes except for one thing:  Zoya applied flawlessly with just one coat.  I usually end up applying three coats of polish, so this is pretty impressive to me.  Jules is a super trendy shimmery golden khaki shade that would look lovely with a tan.  I'm rather pale so I'm not convinced it suits me, what do you think?

Also included was a little booklet with swatch photos of every shade Zoya has released and a swatch sampler to see how their new Intimate polish collection would actually appear on your own nails.  They have an incredible selection of colors that rivals other top nail polish companies for sure.  I definitely plan to buy more polishes from Zoya in the future.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer:  This is the one sample that's in a teeny packet, and unfortunately it's the sample I liked best.  Nevermind that I already have two fancy moisturizers in regular rotation (one for brightening and one that's extra soothing), I'm always looking for another to suit my skin.  And I may just end up purchasing this one from Juice Beauty!  First, it smells amazing, like lemony sassafras.  The texture is perfect, not greasy, and it absorbs like nothing else I've ever tried.  No weird residue is left behind, just smooth hydrated skin!  And maybe it's just my imagination, but I swear I can feel my pores tightening.  This product is marvelous!      

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel:  I was most excited about this sample, especially after being so thrilled with Juice Beauty's moisturizer, but the peel was rather lackluster.  The tube claims it provides "spa grade exfoliation, revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles".  I left it on for ten minutes and was also assured on the package that "flushing and tingling are normal".  I waited, but...I couldn't actually feel it doing anything.  No exfoliation, no tingling, nothing.  The peel dried and tightened a bit, but that's the only sort of result I could tell.  Maybe it requires long term usage to really see results.  I'll keep trying it and report back if anything changes!     

And that concludes this month's Birchbox!  I've got a fabulous new moisturizer from a company I never otherwise would have tried, discovered how great eco-friendly nail polish really is, and slept better from the relaxing scent of a new body butter.  I can't wait till next month's box arrives!


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