Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No More Discontinued Lipsticks!

Is there ever a more frustrating moment when you hear that one of your favorite lipstick shades has been (or will be) discontinued?  Sure, you could buy several tubes and stock up, but lipsticks have an expiration date of about a year.  Beyond that, the pigments and binders and other ingredients begin to degrade and just don't look or apply quite like they used to.  Not to mention the bacteria that can accumulate if the tube is opened.

Enter Three Custom Color Specialists, a company that specializes in customizing and recreating discontinued lipsticks!  In addition to an extensive searchable database of lipstick shades they've previously duplicated for other customers, the company allows you to send in the remnants of your old lipstick favorite for them to copy exactly.  Genius!   At $55 for two tubes it's kind of pricey, but I'm tempted to purchase them as a happy birthday present to myself.  I'm looking at MAC's Isabella Blow lipstick for sure!  It's the amazing fuschia shade seen in the accompanying picture and hasn't been available for a few years now. 

In addition to lipsticks, Three Custom Color Specialists will also recreate or custom blend eyeshadows, blush, eyebrow powders, concealer, and loose and pressed powders for the face. 


  1. if you consider that one tube of Dior costs 30$ and that Tom Ford's new line is 40$ plus a tube, then $55 for 2 isn't quite as bad.
    that being said, I use my lipsticks well after the expiration date.