Monday, February 21, 2011

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

Heiress Daphne Guinness is my number one fashion icon.  She wears mostly black or white couture (that she actually pays for, unlike most celebrities who borrow), along with the most incredible sky-high heels, jewelry, and accessories.   She's a fascinating English eccentric with over-the-top style, beautiful photographs, and crazy interviews I can't get enough of.  Ms. Guinness seems she'd be interesting to hang out with, or at least shop with.  Check out this article she wrote a few years ago on bargain shopping in NYC.  She's also mentioned her Sephora addiction in a few interviews.

Turns out I'm not the only one inspired by Daphne Guinness.  François Nars chose her to be the face of several ad campaigns and created an eyeshadow for her, appropriately titled Daphne.  It's a gorgeous deep rich violet shade, and after attempting to create my own version, I finally decided to treat myself and buy the real deal.

Via Temptalia

And oh, it was WORTH it.  When applied without primer, the color is sheer yet still vivid, and appears as more of a reddish purple than blue-based.  It's really lovely.  When applied over an eyeshadow primer, the colors looks exactly as it appears in the pan.  I also experimented with applying it as eyeliner and that look was gorgeous as well.  I can't wait to experiment more and try it out in different looks, like Daphne's ad in the top picture.  It's a perfect versatile color and I'm so happy I finally bought it!


  1. pictures!
    it is such a beautiful shade of purple, I would love to find an eyeliner in the same color. I tried it on at sephora, but it was too opaque for me (oddly my skin responds better to shimmers). still, I love Nars, he has the best inspirations and color combinations.
    daphne is such a great muse, I love true eccentrics and especially that english royalty seem to have a tradition of them.

  2. I know, I need pictures but my silly camera doesn't do the colors justice!

    Have you ever read about the Mitfords? The whole family is the ULTIMATE in crazy English eccentrics. Diana Mitford is actually Daphne's grandmother, which is how I started reading about them. The family is completely and utterly fascinating.

    Urban Decay makes a lot of flashy eyeliners, but I bet it would be difficult to find an exact dupe of this eyeshadow color.