Sunday, February 6, 2011

Link Link, Hooray! What fascinating and fantastic things have you missed out on lately?

Beware the avocado/egg yolk/honey mask...
this does not belong in your hair!

-One writer for Glamour magazine's beauty blog asks readers to share the worst beauty advice they ever recieved, and the comments are pretty hilarious and horrifying.  I'm thankful I never bothered to try any food-based, at-home hair masks, that's for sure!  What's your worst advice story? 

-A clever little guide to living decadently on a budget by choosing your indulgences really spoke to me this week.  Ex: Yes I'll spend a little extra cash on lipstick and fancy eye cream, but I'm also addicted to bath fizzies from the Dollar Tree.  Not a bad trade-off!

-This amazing photoshoot with the lovely Melina Bee makes me want to run away and join the circus.  Or at least wear a tutu and sequins more often.

-I don't even own a hair straightener and use my hair dryer twice a week, yet somehow my hair gets ridiculously damaged at lightning speed.  Go figure.  I'm trying out a new ultra-moisturizing shampoo line called BioMega. They only sell products to independent salons, so go support your local hairstylists!

-Is there anything more perfect than the Fashion Forward Spring 2011 makeup set Francois Nars put together himself just for Sephora?  No, there is not.  I think I'm overdue for another indulgence : )

-I've never read about anyone more fascinating and over-the-top than the Marchesa Casati.  She was legendary in every sense of the word.  Her beauty routine was just as extreme as her costumes and parties, too; she used eyedrops made of deadly belladonna (read: poison!) to "make them glitter like emeralds."

-WalMart launches GeoGirl this month, a line of earth friendly beauty products marketed to tween girls.  Alexandra at No More Dirty Looks brings up an interesting point among all the shocked reactions.  What do you think?

-I've been misting my hair between shampoos with this miracle product from Ojon.  My hair is now almost blindingly shiny and I can't get enough of the scent.  Plus it protects my highlights from fading!

-Would you wear turquoise eyeliner?  Allure magazine insists Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in FlipSide is flattering on just about everyone.  I'm kind of intrigued.

-Lots of beauty products are now claiming to "prevent free radical attack" or "reverse free radical damage."  So...what in the world does this mean, what exactly prevents it, and why is it damaging?!  CareFair offers a plain and simple explanation.

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