Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Katy Perry for OPI

Mrs. Russell Brand has collaborated with OPI to bring us five new nail polish shades!  As you can see below, most of them are standard glittery fare and rich, bold shades you'd probably expect from Katy Perry.  From left to right:  Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies, The One that Got Away, Teenage Dream, and Black Shatter.
The real standout from this collection is Black Shatter.  I adore black polish on other women's nails and not so much my own, but this black polish is particularly unique in that it dries to create a "shatter" effect (as the name implies).  You apply it over any nail color and the black will crackle in different ways to reveal the polish underneath.  This looks SO cool, I can't wait to test it out for myself.  Luckily, the wait is nearly over:  Katy Perry's nail collection will arrive at Ulta stores January 23rd!

To see the shatter effect in action plus the rest of the colors, check out this video from OPI:

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