Saturday, December 4, 2010

If It's Good Enough for Madonna...

My skin has been freaking out lately.  I'm talking worse than it ever did in high school.  I'm simultaneously dealing with acne and fine lines, plus way more redness than usual.  I was desperate enough to commit to drinking an apple cider vinegar concoction, but luckily I started reading about these miracle oxygen-containing beauty products first.

Madonna gets regular oxygen facials and insists they are the reason her skin looks so amazing.  Kate Middleton swears by her oxygen-infused cream.  These are just two of the celebrities who have been raving about the skin healing properties of oxygen as a beauty product of late.  Developed by a Nobel prize winning scientist and perfected by the spa geniuses at Bliss, oxygen facials quickly became one of the most popular spa services across the country.  The theory is that oxygen delivers nutrients to your skin that replenish cells and leave your skin healthy and rejuvenated.  Stress, aging, the environment, lack of sleep, and diet all slow down the oxygenating process.  Products that contain oxygen act to detox your skin and speed up the process, stat! 

The best part?  Now you don't even need to head to a spa to experience the amazing properties of oxygen facials for yourself.  While Bliss naturally makes the Holy Grail of at-home oxygen facials, I found the $84 price tag a little limiting and began scouting for others.  Once I discovered Ulta sells a $20 oxygen product system, I immediately brought it home to see if this could work miracles for my own skin.

C. Booth's Oxygen Infusion Cell Rejuvenation Peel System is quite possibly the best $20 I've ever spent.  For the first step, you apply a mask of "glycoprotein rejuvenation crystals" to clear away dead skin cells and prime your skin for maximum oxygen uptake.  It looks like a cream, but feels weirdly like a gel.  The second step is a "super oxide activation spray."  It acts to strengthen your skin, process oxygen quicker, and protect itself from harsh environmental elements.  You spray it directly over the crystals and leave it on about three minutes.  I wanted to avoid the comparison, but this mask felt incredibly refreshing, like drinking a glass of cool water or deeply breathing fresh air.  It tingled and felt clean and pure.  

The results were better than I could have expected.  My complexion is radiant.  An hour after rinsing off the mask, the aforementioned redness is drastically diminished and my blemishes have also decreased.  It even reduced the scarily deep forehead wrinkle I mentioned in my anti-aging post.  My skin looks clear enough to actually skip foundation tomorrow.  Did I mention this was after one application?!  Yes!  I could go on and on about this oxygen system with infomercial-caliber enthusiasm.  Seriously, go try it.  You won't be disappointed.         

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