Friday, December 10, 2010

Easiest Retro Eyeliner Trick Ever

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to master Brigitte Bardot-esque winged eyeliner.  So chic, so sexy, so difficult!  Occasionally it will look okay enough to satisfy my perfectionist self, but more often than not I end up late for a very important date as a result of several time consuming erase-and-attempt-again cycles.

But guess what?  Ever since I discovered this nifty little trick, I've achieved a flawless cat eye every time.  Take your credit card (or driver's license, rewards card, what have you) and line it up with the corner of your eye at about a forty-five degree angle.  Use it as a straight-edge to extend your eyeliner upwards past your lash line just a little, and voilà!  Instant winged eyeliner, perfectly even on both sides!  Experiment with the angle and placement of the card for a little variety.

This look obviously calls for liquid black eyeliner.  My favorite has an utterly ridiculous name, but is super cheap and even easier to use.  InColor FabuLiner is $2 at the drugstore and looks like a tiny Sharpie.  It's perfect for drawing on a thin, precise line but you can also make thick lines for more dramatic definition.  Bonus: it never, ever smudges.  If black is too harsh for you, try CoverGirl's Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in charcoal.  It isn't liquid, but grey eyeliner is softer, equally chic, and a little more modern.  Ms. Bardot would be so proud.           


  1. um, why did I not learn this sooner?!

  2. Thank you!! You have now saved me a lot of time haha!

  3. That's effing fantastic. I'm totally trying this RIGHT NOW.