Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is Nothing New? Holiday Looks, 1955 vs. 2010

Check out these extreme instructions circa 1955 on how to get the popular geisha-inspired holiday look of the year.  Step one made me positively cringe: "Pluck away your entire eyebrow from the highest point of the arch to the outer corner," it suggests!  I'm curious how many women actually tried the look at home.  Eyebrows aside, I think she looks gorgeous.

It seems the Asian influenced look is now popular again for the 2010 holiday season.  NARS has released a set of extremely limited edition Kabuki-inspired lipsticks in an elegant handmade bento box container, complete with a unique kabuki lip brush.  The set is gorgeous, expensive, and nearly impossible to attain; each is priced at $125 and only one thousand sets were created for sale in the U.S.  But take a look at how pretty they are!  I can't believe these are lipsticks!

Once again, François Nars picked Daphne Guinness to be the face of his innovative new product.  Anyone else notice the striking similarity to the look of the woman in the first photo?

What's more perfect than red lipstick and black eyeliner?  This classic trend that was hot in 1955 is back!  It's an especially great look for New Year's Eve parties.  Depending on the shade and intensity of your lipstick and how thickly you apply the eyeliner, it can be as subtle or dramatic as you want.  But please, it goes without saying: leave your eyebrows alone!      


  1. Yes! I'm glad the red lip/black eye is once again popular (and always quite classy.) Pluck the entire... WHAT!? Glad I live now, because otherwise those would never grow back.

    I hadn't heard about those Nars lipsticks. How intruiging! I wonder if Sephora has them in the store...

  2. I've been fashion forward for quite a few months now :-) I know, how crazy is that! It was apparently the hip thing to do back in the Fifties.

    Nope, Sephora doesn't have them. I have no idea where to buy them, since only two thousand or so were created (one thousand for U.S. sales). And they're so expensive! But so pretty to look at.