Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Mascara! Review: Sephora's Atomic Volume

I got a gift bag from Sephora this week that included lovely trial samples of mascara, eyeshadow, and tinted moisturizer.  I've never actually used tinted moisturizer before, so I'm excited to try it out and give my skin a break from the Bare Minerals I wear daily.  The eyeshadow colors are Pink Beige and Swimming Pool, which are pretty self explanatory.  I'm not sure I can pull off the blue so much, but the beige is gorgeous and just the right mix between subtle and shimmery, which I really like for daytime.  But first, I couldn't resist trying my new mascara!

The first I sampled is Sephora's Atomic Volume.  The applicator boasts a sort of "brush within a brush";  both a brush side and a comb side to "create maximum volume and extend eyelashes from root to tips."  It promises to deliver these results in just one swipe!  At $15 a tube, it's about twice what you'd pay for a drugstore mascara.  Is it worth it?

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First impression: Oh my gosh.  This could be the mascara I've been looking for.  It may even be better than my beloved Rimmel Sexy Curves.  They were so right about the one swipe.  My lashes looked instantly longer.  There is absolutely no clumping to speak of.  My only gripe is that it doesn't really thicken my lashes; mascaras I typically use make it look as though I have a million eyelashes. While Atomic Volume doesn't seem to do this, it does lengthen the eyelashes I have like nothing else.  I'm truly impressed at the results I got from just one coat of mascara.  I curled my eyelashes after applying the mascara early this morning (which is a bad, bad thing to do, I'm a horrible example) and now, at 4:30 in the afternoon (nine hours later!), my eyelashes are still perfectly curled.  I even got a few compliments on how much longer my eyelashes looked.  This mascara is definitely a keeper. 
Next up to try is Sephora's Lash Extension mascara.  It's formulated with one of those lash growing serums I wrote about in my last post.  I love that the serum is in a product I use daily anyway; this is going to be way, way easier than remembering to apply RapidLash every night.  Expect a review soon!

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