Monday, November 15, 2010


I’ve previously blogged about my desire to duplicate NARS’s rich purple Daphne eyeshadow and I finally figured out a decent copy that costs around $7! I combined CoverGirl’s single eyeshadow Purple Pop with the middle fuchsia shade in Rimmel’s Dark Angel palette. Purple Pop is more blue-based, while Dark Angel has more red pigments. Neither eyeshadow has as much of a matte finish as Daphne, but together the shade is pretty close, even if it's difficult to tell the colors in the picture below. 

The two looked good when I applied alternating layers on my eyelids, but I decided to see what happened when I crushed the solid powders and combined them together as loose powders. I’m not usually a fan of loose eyeshadow powders, but I wanted a way to apply both colors at once and save myself some time (switching back and forth between colors got old fast).

The verdict?  I really, truly hate loose eyeshadows.  There is purple pigment all over my room now.  Loose eyeshadow gets everywhere.  Fortunately, it's the perfect Daphne color!  I didn't expect this experiment to turn out so well!  Understand: I'm usually terrible at this sort of thing.  Even with projects as simple as crushing and combining eyeshadows.  But it was a success!  It looks way better than applying alternating colors.  I'm inspired now and want to mix more eyeshadows!  The possibilities are clearly endless.

Have you ever made your own shades?  What colors would you most want to duplicate?


  1. I'm not sure if this works for eyeshadow (let alone combining two), but I know it's supposed to be good for reforming broken powder in compacts. Take out the eyeshadows, mix them together in the empty compact with a little rubbing alcohol to make a paste, then reform them in the compact using a popsicle stick. It might be a little messy because of the color, but it might be worth a shot to have the right color + non-loose eyeshadow. =)

  2. Ooh, another project! I *was* able to kind of pack it in with an eyeshadow applicator, but that sounds like it works better. And color is messy anyway, no worries there : )

  3. wish you would show a picture of the finished product applied