Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NARS To Launch Andy Warhol Collection!

Remember how excited I was over Daphne Guinness collaborating with MAC?  Well!  This is even better than that! 

It has been announced that NARS inked a deal with The Andy Warhol Foundation to create a limited edition collection!  It will debut in the United States October 2012 and hit the rest of the world in November.  We'll be treated to all new unique packaging, shades, and formulas!  I'll post more details as soon as they become available.

What else do you think we can expect in the collection?  I'm thinking lots of colorful, bright shades, and of course something silver like the Factory itself.  I'm picturing makeup inspired by the Flowers painting, the iconic Marilyn portrait, and a nod to Edie Sedgwick and other Factory Susperstars (Ultra Violet? Nico? Holly Woodlawn?).  Who loved cosmetics more than the Factory crowd, where everybody tried to out-shine each other?

What Warhol inspired makeup would you love to see? 


  1. This is gonna be pretty rad...cannot wait to,play with it all

  2. I saw this post and my heart skipped a beat!! Andy Warhol and NARS....AMAZING!! Okay, I am voting for lipsticks the color of all the flowers above (excluding yellow)....I am stoked


  3. i'm huge into bright lip colors. BRING IT.

  4. why does NARS want to take all my money???!!!!!