Sunday, April 8, 2012

InStyle March 2012 Beauty Must Haves

I'm so inspired by this gorgeous beauty editorial in the March 2012 issue of InStyle!  The latest trends of spring and summer are pictured amid piles of indulgent sweets.  Don't the fuchsia nail polishes, violet eyeshadows, and coral lipsticks look even more fun and decadent? 

Which trend do you like best?  I've got fuchsia nail polish and purple eyeshadow in spades, now I want to find a great coral lipstick!  Got any other recs for me?

P.S. Happy Easter to those who are celebrating!  Another reason I love this candy coated makeup spread so much? I haven't eaten sweets since February!  It's Easter candy time you guys X-D

1 comment:

  1. alive got a couple of good corals...I will have to find the names and get back to ya