Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Scented Nail Lacquer

Is there anything more gorgeous for spring than sporting bright hot pink lacquered nails?  My current obsession is this Betsey Johnson It's My Pink scented (!!!) nail polish for Sephora.  It is a must for any Betsey fans as this shade appears in a TON of Ms. Johnson's designs!  Annnnd once it's dry, the polish smells like her new fragrance Too Too.  It's a clever spin and smells fun and frivolous, but the scent is very, very subtle.  It's not going to overpower any regular perfume, but it does linger for several days.  I'll definitely be wearing this through August!  Betsey Johnson's It's My Pink is a perfect 2012 trend for spring and summer!

This nail polish also inspired me to dust off some of my old Betseyville by Betsey Johnson purses!  I'm looking forward to carrying them again.

Matching my nails to my handbag with this tiger print satchel!

This amazing and kitschy patent telephone purse was one of the first indulgences I bought with my very own paycheck back in...2007?  My best friend thought I was nuts but I still love this bag!

Do you own any Betsey Johnson creations?  What nail polishes are you loving lately?


  1. sorry to have been MIA,
    I love hot pink nails, this is my neutral nail, I swear! btw, have you ever noticed hot pink nails get more compliments from guys than any other color?