Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ch-ch-changes! A New Banner + What Would You Like To See?

Yo!  What's new in your life lately?  Get cozy and let's chat!

Me?  After a year of pastels on the blog, I'm ready for some COLOR!  Some zest!  Some panache!  So you may notice a brand new banner on Applied Glamour!  Please admire; I'm way proud of it.  I'm also playing with fonts and link colors, so let me know if you have any awesome suggestions or if something isn't displaying properly.  I've been inspired by a ton of graphic design blogs lately and am ready to spring forward (!) by making each post more visually interesting.  I plan to eventually learn Photoshop like everyone else but for now I'm cheating with Polyvore and Paint ;-)  Not bad though, right?!

Also updated: my navigation bar links!  You'll find brand spanking new lists of all my favorite products.  I got so carried away, the former "Favorites" section got split into separate pages for makeup and skincare!  So now there's Best Makeup, Best Skincare, and Best Bargains.  I had a lot of fun working on these.  Check 'em out!

While I haven't been here on the blog much lately, I have been lurking around the interwebz and guest posting!  Here's what you might have missed:

I spent an evening discussing Edgar Allan Poe with my friends Buddy and Sarah over at The Cobalt Club.

I put together an inspiration post all about how to create a DEBBIE HARRY (!!!) makeup look for mi amiga Christina at Red Lip Gloss.

And it's a little late now, but I wrote about how I spent Valentine's Day (you might be surprised!) for my girl Elle at her blog Elle Sees

And finally:
I'll be updating Applied Glamour waaay more frequently than I have the last couple of months.  I'm finally on the other side of some serious demotivation.  So yay!

What kinds of posts would you most like to see?  More interviews, more inspirations, more how-tos, just more in general?  Let me know!  I'll also be unveiling a new feature soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Your blog looks fantastic! I love everything you do! Inspiration + interviews are cooooool. :)

  2. yay for changes! and thanks again for your post.

  3. I'm very pro-pictures, speaking of which, I love these ones! esp the glitter lips.

    hrm, maybe some tips on how to organize your makeup? I like history/vintage themed posts a lot, of course. Maybe a look at non-western makeup traditions? like egyptian makeup would be awesome, also bollywood makeup!!