Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Estee Lauder for Mad Men Spring 2012

As super crazy ridiculously excited I am about Mad Men's season five premiere this weekend, I'm just as excited over the TV show's collaboration with Estee Lauder.  The Cherry Lipstick and Creme Rouge Evening Rose blush in Estee Lauder's Mad Men collection for spring 2012 are perfect for recreating popular makeup looks of the Sixties.  Whether you're a Betty or a Joan, fans of vintage inspired makeup will also appreciate the vintage inspired packaging as well.  The jeweled gold blush compact and gold tubed lipstick will look even more gorgeous when extracted from a clutch purse for a discreet touch-up.  Pair with red or light pink nails, liquid eyeliner, a tumble of curls, pearl earrings, and a vodka gimlet.  Cheers!

What are your thoughts on Estee Lauder's Mad Men inspired lipstick and blush?  I'll be getting the lipstick for sure!  Like the TV show, the collection also debuts this month.  Are any readers Man Men fans?  Who else will be watching Sunday's premiere?


  1. I actually just did a video post on how to recreate your own lady-like Mad Men look with makeup! Would love for you to stop by and check it out if you get a chance! And this Estee Lauder collection looks really polished and pretty, very 1960's:)

  2. I would love a how-to on betty draper hair, she's always so perfect looking.