Thursday, January 19, 2012

Link Link, Hooray! What Interesting Things Have You Missed Lately?

If you visited Applied Glamour yesterday, you were directed to the SOPA Strike page and given an opportunity to contact Congress.  I usually avoid politics on the blog, but censorship is deeper and far scarier than party lines or lines on your face.  If you feel as passionate about this issue as I do, I hope you contacted Congress yesterday.  I hope you're involved and aware and contacting your Senators and Representatives on any issues that are important to you.  As dangerous as censorship is, apathy is even more lethal.  As little as you may think government and politics affect you, I assure you, they do.  Stay informed!

Clueless about SOPA?  Here's a nifty infographic that will give you all the nasty details.


Onto the beauty stuff, right?  In the spirit of our free and open Internet, I've rounded up some fascinating and clever links.  I hope you enjoy them! 

  • I can't wait to try this hair tutorial from Elle Sees on how to get perfect waves without heat styling tools! Just look at those pictures!  Gorgeous!

  • Have any of you ever tried a fragrance from CB I Hate Perfume?  This scent, At The Beach 1966, sounds heavenly!  I love the smell of sunscreen.  And the concept of smelling like I spent an afternoon cavorting in the waves with a Mr. Don Draper...!

  • Were your school supplies bedecked with unicorns, rainbow leopards, psychedelic butterflies, and anthropomorphized ballerina bunnies?  I was a Lisa Frank addict of the highest order.  You too?  Check out this tutorial for some Lisa Frank inspired nail art.  Send pics if you try this! 

  • Gil Elvgren often worked from photographs to produce his alluring and innocent renderings of pinup girls.  These pictures of his models reveal just how much artistic license he took in creating his pinups!

  • You guys.  Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra is up on YouTube in its entirety.  This is a must see!  (So is Cleopatra Jones, if that's more your thing.)

  • Makeup and Macaroons put together a piece on celebrities who have influenced her style, hair, and makeup.  I love reading others' style inspirations!  Who are yours?

  • Speaking of inspirations, I can't believe I'd never seen these photographs of Marilyn Monroe meeting the Queen of England before!  Look at that curtsy!

  • Yes, we're all Pinterest addicts now, aren't we?  I especially love this Grown Up Goth style board of sophisticated black clothing, gorgeous nail polish, and metal accessories. 

  • I can't stop playing this blast-from-the-past song by the Stefani Germanotta Band.  So catchy, so good!  Recognize the singer/keyboardist?  Yeah, she grew up to be Lady Gaga.  Impressive!

  • Last summer's "feathers in the hair" trend is making its way down south...and no, I don't mean geographically.  The guy (guy?!?) who invented vajazzling now offers feather and fur options, too.  Why is this A Thing?  Seriously, who is having this done to themselves?  I wanna know!

  • And because I couldn't just leave you with vajazzling: French confectioner Laduree, famous for their macarons, is expanding into a cosmetics line as well!  I can't wait to see the packaging.

What awesome links and news have you discovered as of late?  Let me know!

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