Friday, January 6, 2012

How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

I’ve finally figured out a method to style my hair into full, bouncy, Rita Hayworth-esque curls.  And gorgeous movie star ringlets.  And beachy, bohemian waves.  I’m letting you in on the technique and the best part is that you probably have exactly what you need in your hairstyling arsenal right now.  Yes!  All you need is a straightener.  How do I curl my hair with a straightener, you ask?  Here are step by step instructions!

The straightener I'm using is a 1-inch flat iron by ProFashion.

Step one: Start heating up the straightener!  I like to use it on the highest heat setting since my hair naturally resists curl, but set it to whatever temperature works best for you.  Separate your hair into workable sections.  I gather one side of my part at a time, pin up the top layers, and start working from the bottom on one side.

Step two: Take about an inch (or half inch) bit of hair and clamp the straightener VERTICALLY at the root, close to your scalp.  This is the key.  Holding it vertically will give you curls and ringlets; holding the straightener at a more horizontal angle results in loose, beachy waves. 

Step three:  Next you give the straightener a 180 degree turn.  Twist it to the right so that the back plate is now facing front and your hair is wrapped around the plates.  Pull your hair through until you reach the ends, as if you were straightening it like normal.  It helps to go a little slowly and hold the lower end your hair even with the hair that’s already passed through the iron.

And tah-dah!  Volume and curl, right before your eyes!

Step four: Continue taking each section of hair at a time until your head is all bouncy, magnificent curls!  Style however you please!  Keep the definition of the curls with hairspray, pomade, or your hair product of choice.  For loose glamour waves brush your hair very, very gently.  

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  1. NO way!!! This seems so easy, and I never knew you could so this!!! :) :) :) I'm excited to try this out!!!

    p.s. It's been wayyy to long since I've seen you!!