Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daphne Guinness for MAC: Red Dwarf Lipstick & Interior Life Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

I've lost count of how many times I've mentioned Daphne Guinness on Applied Glamour.  As regular readers are aware, I hold her style and aesthetics in the highest regard.  Ever since details for her collaboration with MAC were announced, I've been plotting and scheming exactly which pieces of the collection I wanted in my hot little hands.  During a trip to the MAC counter the day after Christmas, this is what I came away with: Red Dwarf Pro Longwear lipstick and the Interior Life eyeshadow quad.  I knew I wanted Red Dwarf but Interior Life was something of an impulse decision and I'm so, so glad I bought it.

Stratus, Bruised Sky, Interior Life, Heather Belles

The cool toned colors of the Interior Life eyeshadow quad are lovely neutrals without being shades of brown.  There's a LOT of versatility in this palette.  You can use all four colors for a vampy evening look or use the three lighter shades for a dreamy, subtle daytime look.  They're extremely easy to apply and go on very well.  Apologies for Stratus being nearly invisible on my skin, I assure you it's there!

Stratus, Bruised Sky

Interior Life, Heather Belles
Day: Stratus on brow bones, Bruised Sky on lids, Interior Life in creases

Night: Same as above, with Heather Belles blended into outer corners
The eyeshadows pair wonderfully with the lipstick I chose, Red Dwarf.  MAC describes it as a dusty blue-pink shade, but in different lighting it can look quite dark and vampy, even more brown than blue-based.  It's the perfect color for day or evening, and I'm wearing it in both the eyeshadow looks I did above.  Red Dwarf is a Pro Longwear lipstick and while for me it didn't last the promised 12 hours, I didn't need a touch up for at least seven.  As with most long wearing lipsticks, toward the end of those seven hours my lips are feeling pretty dry and looking a bit flaky, so I keep lip balm on hand to lock in moisture before reapplying the color.  Aside from that, I adore this lipstick!  I may even get another tube of Red Dwarf for backup, I love it that much. 

Red Dwarf

Despite being obviously cool toned colors, I think these shades could work on any skintone, really.  Especially the lipstick, since it looks so radically different depending on the lighting (I wish I had thought to show this in the photos!).  Interior Life and Red Dwarf can be as vampy and dramatic or as light and airy as you want them to be.

The words "limited edition" strike fear in my heart but as of yet, none of the collection has sold out online.  If you really want these or anything else from the collection though, I'd act fast!


  1. I don't own any Mac but play with it when I see friends or stores. This is just gorgeous on you!

  2. those shades look perfect on your skin tone!
    I'm digging the red-ish lipstick.. a lot!