Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eat Pretty! - 5 Foods to Nourish Your Hair, Skin & Nails

So it's the beginning of January and a brand new year, and everybody is motivated with goals and resolutions and ambitions to be better.  Or maybe you're the type of person who loathes resolutions and sees them as precursors to failure.  Whichever camp you fall into, the fantastic Kylie of Everblossom has made us all a wonderful list of the foods that nourish our hair, skin, and nails the most.  Often referred to as superfoods, it's amazingly easy to incorporate them into your diet -- whether you've resolved to or not! 

I've been squeezing fresh lemon juice into my water, snacking on a tasty mix of nuts and seeds, and adding spinach whenever possible.  Not because of a "resolution", but because it's delicious!  And the benefits to my hair, skin, and nails have been unbelievable.  Check out Kylie's list and adjust your own foods accordingly; you'll be amazed at the changes!

1. Salmon - Oily fish like salmon, tuna and sardines provide the healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats our body needs. Those good fats ensure that our skin and scalp are well hydrated. It's also an excellent source of protein, which is the building block for healthy nails and hair.

2. Leafy greens - Spinach, kale and other leafy greens are full of Vitamins A and C, which is needed to produce sebum, your body's natural skin and hair conditioner. It's also chock-full of iron and calcium, which are wonderful for strong, healthy nails.

3. Nuts & Seeds - Those omegas again! Grab a handful when you need a snack to get a good dose of healthy fats and protein. Almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and other nuts are also full of zinc, which is proven to ward off hair loss.

4. Yogurt - Yogurt is full of calcium and zinc - lovely for strong hair and nails. What I really love about yogurt is that you can use a plain variety as a facial mask - the lactic acid makes it a wonderful exfoliant.

5. Citrus fruits - Vitamin C promotes collagen production, which plumps up skin to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Citrus fruits are also full of wonderful antioxidants, protecting your body from ugli-fying toxins like pollution and cigarette smoke.


  1. Ooo, thanks for the list lady! I must incorporate more salmon in my diet


  2. I need to eat better! i eat healthy but tend to "supplement" with candy and junk food : (

  3. I really need to take notice of this, my hair is frazzled and has been the same length for 4 YEARS. This isn't through choice!


  4. i sooo wish i could have more vitamin c. my body can't process citric acid. i get painful ulcers and my tummy doesn't like it either. being half italian, i do suck it up for tomato-based dishes sometimes. and citric acid is the #1 preservative, so it's everywhere.

  5. I'm so glad I like every one of these things. Especially almonds and yogurt!