Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara

I'm late to the party on this one, I know.  Despite hearing rave after rave of Buxom Lash mascara, despite that Beauty Bets named it her best mascara pick of 2010...I couldn't get past the name.  Isn't that completely ridiculous and silly??  Are you guys like that too?  Averse to using products with less-than-appealing names?  Just like Perricone's Cold Plasma skincare line and products by Dr. Dennis Gross, something about the name Buxom was a turn off so I never bothered with the brand or its knockout mascara.  Thankfully I can also admit when I'm wrong.  And oh, how wrong I was to overlook Buxom Lash.

I'll just let these before/after pictures speak for themselves...

Hi, Internet.  Here I am with no eye makeup on AT ALL. Please forget this happened ASAP.

And SHAZAM! that's the power of mascara, you guys!  Although my eyes look kinda crazy.  I'm just THAT excited about my mascara, clearly.

Taken with my webcam (sorry), no editing, no other eye makeup on except Buxom Lash mascara. Not even eyeliner.  None!  Can you believe it?!  Are you ready to go buy your own tube now??  I thought so. 

Are there any products you avoid solely on the basis of their ill-chosen names, or am I just weird like that?  What products have pleasantly surprised you?


  1. ha, I knew there was something that made me completely avoid this line and now I realize it is the name (although I am a fan of buxomness in the real world oddly enough). you look so pretty in these pictures, kinda like a pre-raphaelite portrait

  2. WOW. o.o I may attempt this brand!

    I like the name Buxom :P current boob-shaking hobby may have something to do with this. "Double D lashes in a flash!" :D

  3. Melina, I too am a fan of real-life buxomness! Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! And thank you, that is such a sweet compliment.

    Red, you need to try it for real! Double D lashes, that's fantastic.

  4. I love buxom lip sticks/crayon!! They are amazing!! London is my favorite. If you haven't tried them you need to!!

  5. In really thought I had tried this, but now I just have to! Turns out I had some lipgloss from that line!